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Kim Kardashian stays forever young with Vampire Facelift


Facelifts, these days it is like everyone is getting one. Everybody wants to keep looking young and will do anything to maintain that young and youthful look. The first facelift was done in 1901 by Dr. Eugen Holländer. Ever since the technology of facelifts has been changing as more people want it and thus the technique has to be suitable for all races and all skin types.

Kim Kardashian

FlyHealth is proud to announce that we now also conduct the world famous ‘Vampire Facelift’. It may sound like a horror movie but don’t let you get scared by the name. The Vampire Facelift is chosen by many celebrities including most famous model, Kim Kardashian. As known by many, the Kardashians are not only famous for their TV work, marriages and modelling, they are also the first when thought about looking beautiful and all product they use. Kim once said she would never get a surgery done to make herself look younger. Indeed, she didn’t. The Vampire Facelift is not a surgery like another facelift. It is more of a beauty procedure. After the Vampire facial, Kim felt relieved and satisfied with the results, still claiming she would never get a traditional facelift done.

Vampire Facelift

The Vampire Facelift is not a surgery like a traditional facelift. The procedure is a whole lot different. There is no cutting, no skin pulling, no stitching. The only things that are used are a few needles and your own blood.

Basically the procedure goes like this. The doctor will take blood from the patient’s arm. Then the blood gets spun in a machine to separate the platelets from the other blood content. The platelets are eventually used for the Vampire Facelift.

Once the platelets are separated the Vampire Facelift can start. The patient lays down in a chair and the doctor splatters the platelets into the face skin of the patient. This happens with nine tiny needles. The needles are in the style of that of acupuncture needles. If wanted the patient can put some numbing cream on the face first to experience less pain.

The full face will be injected with the patient’s blood platelets. The total procedure takes about 30-40 minutes. Once the blood is injected, the patient gets icepacks to hold against the skin to ease the pain and avoid swelling.


The use of the patient’s own platelets is ingenious. Platelets contain a growth feature which, in general, provides the body to grow and wounds to heal. To inject the patient with it’s own platelets there is no issue for finding the correct blood type or reject of the platelets. The platelets ‘know’ the body they’re injected to. The platelets growth feature will activate the stem cells in the skin and the stem cells will start acting like there has been an injury and thus will try to ‘fix’ the skin.


As with every procedure, also the Vampire Facelift takes time to get the wanted result. The stem cells will starting acting like there is an injury in the skin and takes time to ‘heal’. After about 2-3 months the skin will look younger and firmer. The total result lasts for a good 1-2 years.


The Vampire Facelift is now also available at the FlyHealth clinic in Istanbul, Turkey. We are proud to be able to conduct the type of facelift which is even chosen by celebrities like Kim Kardashian. A little bit of Hollywood available in Turkey but at a much cheaper price with the same quality.

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