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Mommy Makeover: Happy Patient As Always

Mommy makeover is one of the most demanded cosmetic surgeries by women. This surgery involves breast implants, abdominoplasty and thigh lift. Women prefer this cosmetic surgery after giving birth. Birth can cause dramatic changes in a woman’s body. Especially, women who give birth to multiple children in a few years might experience fat accumulation or saggy skin.

Today, it is possible to give the attractive look back with a mommy makeover. This surgery involves giving a firm look to the abdomen, breasts and thighs. With a mommy makeover, all three operations are done in one single operation. Thus, the overall look of the abdomen area can be improved. FlyHealth helps patients from different countries around the world to work with some of the best surgeons for their mommy makeover.

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Mommy Makeover Patient Review

Claire has her mommy makeover surgery in Turkey with FlyHealth. She is one of the thousands of happy patients who have worked with FlyHealth. With the increasing demand for cosmetic surgery in Turkey, more and more people are asking about the experiences of real patients. Claire explained her experience about the entire process including her surgery and her stay in Istanbul like this:

“I had a great experience from start to finish. We were picked up by taxi. It was fantastic. They took us directly to the hotel. We did PCRs for the surgery. The doctor, English interpreter and the entire staff at the hotel were absolutely amazing. Everybody was fantastic from start to finish. I am absolutely overjoyed with the results. Yes, it has been great.”

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Patients all around the world choose FlyHealth to book their mommy makeover and many other cosmetic surgeries in Turkey. Like Claire, numerous other patients are satisfied with their mommy makeover. Mommy makeover can help women to gain back their self-confidence and give them their firm body back.

Finally, we should state that our only goal is to make you happy and to achieve the healthy appearance you want.

Mommy Makeover After Pregnancy

Pregnancy and giving birth can make drastic changes in a woman’s body. In most cases, women gain weight during pregnancy and losing this weight after the pregnancy can be hard. This is especially true if the woman had consecutive pregnancies in a few years. In addition to the extra fat accumulated during pregnancy, the tummy skin and breasts can also get deformed. But it is possible to get back the firm body look with a mommy makeover.

Which Age Is Suitable for Mommy Makeover?

In general, a mommy makeover is preferred by women between 25-45 years old. Although there is no age limit for this operation, it is better to have the surgery after 30 years old. Also, women who want to have a mommy makeover must have tried diet and exercise to shape their bodies. This will further contribute to the success of the surgery. Women who have this operation should avoid unhealthy eating habits and lifestyles after the surgery to have permanent results.

Who Can Have Mommy Makeover?

Any woman can have a mommy makeover after pregnancy. But it is better not to consider having other children to increase the success rate of the surgery. Therefore, women who do not want to have other children are the best candidates for this surgery. Also, women who had multiple births are good candidates as well.

Will The Entire Procedure Be Completed in One Session?

Actually, this depends on the scope of the mommy makeover and the patient’s medical condition. It is possible to do a tummy tuck and breast surgery in a single session. However, if thigh lift or other cosmetic surgery procedures will be applied, it might be better to schedule multiple surgeries. This will entirely depend on the patient’s conditions, the scope of a mommy makeover and the decision of the surgeon.

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