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Mommy Makeover: Get your pre-baby body back with a few touches

mommy makeover surgery

When you become a mom, many different aspects of your life are going to change forever. Although your shape does not have to be one of them. Carrying a baby for nine months and breastfeeding affects the body dramatically. As everyone’s body is unique, therefore, it responds differently. Mommy Makeover surgery is a solution.

According to popular belief, a mommy makeover cannot snap patients back to their pre-baby selves’ mere weeks or months after giving birth.  You must keep in mind that both pregnancy and childbirth put immense stress on your body, so having surgery soon afterward would be dangerous. Any reputable plastic surgeon will require you to wait at least six months after giving birth before having invasive plastic surgery. This will give your body tissues a chance to heal fully before you have a Mommy Makeover surgery.

So how some lucky women get back into shape so fast after giving birth?

Foremost, they tend to work with personal trainers and nutritionists during pregnancy. By eating a healthy diet and doing exercise, they prevent the pounds from piling on in the first place. We are also suggesting you do so. The more fat you gain during pregnancy, the more weight you will have to lose later. You will also have more loose skin in need of surgical resection. On the other hand, if you can avoid gaining too much extra weight during pregnancy, it becomes more likely that you can get away with a mini tummy tuck afterward. This is beneficial as mini tummy tucks are associated with less scarring and a shorter recovery period.

Secondly, you should be aware of the fact that breastfeeding burns an enormous amount of calories. Breastfeeding is healthier for you and for your baby.

Sometimes workouts or diets might not be helpful for getting a better body shape. A Mommy Makeover surgery is an amazing way to help restore your pre-baby body.  It is very important to be good looking and fit, especially for women. Do not be ashamed of your body shape and take your time. However, while you only have to undergo one recovery period, the combination of procedures involved in the makeover means that you will be waiting for various areas of your body to heal.  Recovery from a mommy makeover is much quicker than you probably expect.

What does mommy makeover surgery include?

Let’s answer one of the most popular questions we receive from our patients.  What is included in a mommy makeover surgery? These surgery packages typically include three core procedures. These are:

Tummy Tuck or Abdominoplasty. It helps to repair your weakened muscles, to create a new belly button and smoother, firmer abdominal profile. During this procedure doctor also removes the sagging skin from your tummy. Tummy Tuck as well includes liposuction for the stomach and sides.  Liposuction has a limit of 6-8 kg fat can be removed.

Breast Uplift with or without implants – is a cosmetic operation to remove excess skin from your breasts to improve their shape. Commonly breast augmentation with or without a lift procedure is an option, or just a breast lift procedure, which is more popular nowadays.

Scars after the Mommy Makeover surgery

After the mommy makeover surgery scars also will concern you if you desire surgery to improve the aesthetic shape of your body.

There are few techniques for hiding the scars of your breast surgery.   During the operation, your surgeon will make two incisions in each breast to help remove extra skin and reshape them. The first incision is done from the bottom of the areola to the crease below the breast. This is the ideal way to hide the scars. The following incision is made around the areola.

For Tummy Tuck surgeries if there is not a lot of loose skin to remove, a mini tuck can be done with a small incision under the belly button. With a full tummy tuck incision can be placed lower on the belly, under the panty line.

Good news about a few things that can reduce your post-surgical scarring:

Your surgeon can apply silicone sheets to the surgical area, which helps flatten scars, prevents additional tissue growth, and helps the scar to stay a similar colour to the surrounding skin tone.

Try to avoid direct sunlight whilst you have a sunbathe. UV light might irritate the scar area and likely cause it to become darker or lighter than the surrounding skin.

Follow all post-surgical instructions to the letter, discuss any that may be a problem for you with your doctor in case there are alternative options.

Minimal scars with Flyhealth in Istanbul Turkey

Cosmetic surgeons at Flyhealth have many years of experience and many happy patients to vouch for their work. Please for before and after images, so you can be assured that you are choosing the right surgeon for a Mommy Makeover in Istanbul, Turkey. For a video consultation, contact us today

Mommy Makeover in Istanbul,Turkey with Flyhealth

Istanbul is a beautiful city in all seasons. There is no other city in the world that spans two continents, after all. Istanbul sprawls over seven hills and is split by the mighty Bosphorus River: Europe on one side of the water and Asia on another. Tourists from all over the world choose Istanbul not only for tourist reasons but also because of medical care.  The seasons should not bother you to book your mommy makeover treatment, as it is always breezy in Istanbul. After having a procedure, you can plan on some fun and relaxing activities. We have rounded up some of our best suggestions for free things to do in Istanbul we think you will love.

Picnic at Gulhane Park such a beautiful place on Fatih with walking and hiking trails.

A cruise down the Bosphorus.

Galata Tower on a hill in the Beyoglu district.

Take a walking tour of any narrow cobblestone streets filled with charming cafes to wind their way to the ancient stone structure, etc.

Or if you are not the outdoorsy type or it ends up being rainy, then maybe you can go to indoor shopping malls to catch up with the latest fashion. But if you are just too tired from the procedure, then the hotels or our private guest house are lovely places to rest, relax and recover.

Our medical team is high in demand from people all over the country, who travel miles for their expertise. Plan and book your Mommy Makeover and your vacation in Istanbul, Turkey with Flyhealth. Call today, to get a free consultation from our medical team.

Your happiness is our priority!

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