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Nose Job Review N.A., from UK – Testimonial

N.A., from UK – Nose Job Review

“The hotel was amazing and the hospital was even better. Very clean and the stuff we’re very helpful.”

I considered nose surgery for many years as I always hated my nose. Everyone told me it was fine but every time I looked in the mirror, all I saw was a horrible nose. I waited till I was 24 to have the surgery so I could afford it. I came across Flyhealth website n I was really happy with the package deal they offered which included surgery, hotel, transport and 2 guest (which was really good as I needed some family support). When I arrived my host Ozge Kaymak came to meet us and explained the whole procedure in full details and ensured I knew exactly what is happening. She was very helpful and made me feel comfortable. On the day of my surgery I met Dr. Eda Isıl, she was also very nice and informative. She made sure I was doing it for the right reason and advised me on the shape to make it look more natural looking instead of fake which I was very happy about it as that’s exactly what I wanted.

It’s only been a week, despite the fact that it still swollen but I’m over the moon and I love it already.

The hotel was amazing and the hospital was even better. Very clean and the stuff we’re very helpful. Of course there was a language barrier however all they stuff consistently assured me and made sure I was well looked after.

I will highly recommend flyheath to anyone and I would like to say a massive thank you to everyone specially Ozge Kaymak and Dr. Eda Isıl. Overall I had a wonderful experience.

Happy  Patient 🙂

When she arrived in Istanbul for the surgery, there was heavy snowfall and traffic. In fact, some roads in Istanbul were closed to traffic. Despite these difficulties, we, as FlyHealth, used our services to the fullest for our patients. Despite these difficulties, we delivered our patient to the hotel. After our patient stayed at the hotel, our carrier brought our patient to the hospital. We had a comfortable journey despite the cold weather and heavy traffic.

This woman had been bothered by the appearance of her nose for a long time.  She is very satisfied with both his nose and our service because of the quality service we provide and our medical team.

At FlyHealth, we promise you the best travel, operation and the most comfortable accommodation. From what this lady told us, you can see that we kept our word. Despite these difficult conditions, we welcome our patients in the best way possible.

As FlyHeath, we welcome you with the best facilities we can. Our other patients and the words of the lady in the video prove to us.

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A high-quality hotel, a comfortable journey, and a successful operation are among our services. Thanks to our successful doctors and the successful teams of these doctors, we offer you successful surgeries like them. Thanks to our post-operative controls and our hygiene policy, we continue to maintain the success of this successful surgery.

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