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Nose Surgery PG 13

During the past few years, nose surgery has become more of a fashion statement than a cosmetic refinement aimed at modifying the shape, size and overall appearance of the nose.

After all, it is among the five most popular plastic surgery treatments for a reason. From high school students to baby boomers, nose surgery is a sought-after cosmetic treatment that defies all age brackets.

But this trend begs the question: how young is too young to undergo a nose surgery?

Granted: the majority of individuals who choose to undergo nose surgery would like to alter the appearance of their noses or wish to improve the proportions of their facial features. While reasons for nose surgery may vary, a very small percentage of rhinoplasty patients seek surgery to correct structural abnormalities or nose injuries that may cause breathing difficulties.

The number of cosmetic surgeries performed on patients aged 18 and under rose, according to the American Society of Plastic Surgeons. However many experts said that surgical alternation for cosmetic purposes should only be considered for justifiable reasons.

“In extreme situations where the size or shape of the nose or ears is really affecting a child’s self-image, I believe surgery may be an appropriate thing to do,” said Dr. Steven Shelov, chairman of pediatrics at Maimonides Medical Center in Brooklyn told New York Times. “But in teenagers, in my mind, breast implants have no place whatsoever.”

The need for surgical enhancement must be assessed on a case-by-case basis, plastic surgeons say, because children grow physically and emotionally at varying rates.

The first step a doctor should take is to find out the real reasons for this need. Desiring to look like a celebrity or an idol is not a healthy cause to undergo nose surgery. And surgery should not be used as a permanent solution to a deep-rooted psychological problem.

“Sometimes you really need to talk to the patient alone, to make sure that surgery is her idea and not just her parents’,” Dr. Steven J. Pearlman, a facial plastic surgeon in New York and president of the American Academy of Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery, said.

Most plastic surgeons used to wait until patients reached the age 17 or 18, before reshaping a nose, because if done at younger age, the child’s nose would keep growing and end up in an odd shape. But they have found that nose growth ends earlier, so girls at age of 13 and boys at age of 14 would be good candidates for nose surgery—when surgery is used to correct nose abnormalities.

Rhinoplasty is one of the most performed cosmetic surgeries among teenagers. It is important for teenage parents and their doctors to consider whether or not nose surgery is a suitable plastic surgery option. Doctors should also understand the goals of each patient and ensure that the decision to undergo nose is the patient’s own choice, rather than the result of peer of parental influence.

Common nose surgery goals

Each patient has specific appearance goals in mind. However the main goal of nose surgery is to modify the shape, size and overall appearance of the nose.

More often than not, nose surgery patients seek the following changes:

  • Narrow the bridge of their noses
  • Widen or narrow their nostrils
  • Straighten their crooked noses
  • Reshape the tip of their noses
  • Adjust the angle between their noses and upper lips

Whether you seek a cosmetic or restorative correction to your nose, nose reshaping is by far one of the most successful—and simple— plastic surgery procedures to improve your overall facial contours.

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