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Nose Surgery Review by A.D from UK – Testimonial

“I have nose rhinoplasty with fly heath they help me so much from day one before I came to.turkey till last day to airport…”

“Very easy to talk to them and asking anythink they will help you whatever you want know and they make sure everything right for you before you do.its make u more feel save i.M happy to find this clinic flyHealth…”

He was very concerned with his appearance and was looking for a solution for it. He didn’t like his nose. One day, while browsing the internet, FlyHealth found our site. He examined our before and after photos on our site. He has read the detailed texts on our site. As a result, he chose us. This makes us proud. Because he trusted a service he never knew in a country he didn’t know. In this regard, we understand that our texts and our site are very reliable. So you can count on us too!

When he arrived in Istanbul, our transporter picked him up from where he landed and dropped him off at his hotel. Our patient liked his hotel very much. We are sure that if you choose us, you will like our hotels very much. When the day of surgery came, the transporter took him from the hotel to the hospital.

According to our patient, the doctors in our hospital were the best in Turkey. And we know very well that our doctors are already the best in Turkey.

He’s had facial operations in Thailand before. But he liked our service in Turkey the most. He found the service and results in Istanbul better. He eated meals with our team in Istanbul and we toured Istanbul. He liked this wonderful city of Istanbul very much.

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Istanbul, with its history dating back to 1600 years, is Turkey’s most populous, economically, historically, and socio-culturally most important city. Istanbul is a world city located at the intersection of the continents of Europe and Asia. Istanbul is known as one of the few places in the world, which is home to many natural beauties, with its geographical location, suitable climate, and rich water resources. Istanbul has magnificent natural beauties that will arouse the curiosity of tourists and be enchanted by sightseeing.

You can choose FlyHealth to have rhinoplasty in Istanbul and achieve the look you want.

We would like you to know that as FlyHealth, we cooperate with the best doctor staff and hospitals in Turkey in the field of rhinoplasty.

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