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Nose Surgery review for FlyHealth Turkey

Our Patient, says:

“They took very good care of me” he said. ” We made plans with my doctor, went very well. ”

He feels very good about the surgery.

His nose was broken four years ago. He wanted to change his nose after the surgery. So he went to the internet and searched for nose jobs in Turkey. He found FlyHealth and he read everything on the site. FlyHealth site wasn’t translated and by the way he is from Holland. And we have contact. And after a while, he booked his ticket and he came to Turkey. He says we took very good care of him.

Lexi came by and they went to the hotel. So they stayed together there. After one day in the morning, he went to the hospital. He says she was a very good doctor from this kind of nose job. And then she saw his nose and his nose was very broken. So they had made plans and they took some blood for surgery. And then the surgery began.

The surgery went very well and he didn’t feel that much pain. And after one night he went back to the hotel. He easily kept going in his life. He went normal. And after one week he came to the hospital. They took out his stitches. And now, he is very happy with the result. He says it was a good experience for him. He recommends us to those who want to have nose surgery.

Nose Surgery

In surgeries performed to change the external appearance of your nose, which is a very prominent structure in terms of aesthetics, very important functions such as breathing and smell must be preserved in the best way possible. For your nose surgery to be functional as well as aesthetically, that is, you can breathe comfortably and smell through your nose after the surgery, functional problems such as intranasal curvature (deviation), concha enlargement (lower turbinate hypertrophy), or sinusitis can be eliminated as much as possible in the same surgery solving is very important.

Surgical techniques and technologies used in aesthetic and functional surgeries of your nose, which is one of the most striking structures in your facial anatomy, have now developed a lot. It is now constantly improving to provide better visual and functional results, as well as a faster and more comfortable recovery period after surgery.

To obtain aesthetic and functional results that will be considered successful in nose surgeries today, the doctor who will perform your surgery must be highly experienced in the field of nose surgery. In addition, it is important for the doctor to be able to follow and apply up-to-date information, surgical techniques, and technologies on this subject.

The most important criterion of success in aesthetic nose surgeries is patient happiness, which can only be possible if the nose has the desired appearance and can breathe comfortably at the end of the surgery.

To achieve the visual results you desire in your rhinoplasty, your expectations from the surgery should be fully understood by your doctor before the surgery. Three-dimensional digital animation systems, which have been used in recent years, allow you to fully express your expectations from the surgery by applying the possible results of the surgery on digital images and help your doctor who will perform your surgery to plan interventions that will meet these expectations.

More about Nose Surgery Turkey

How Is Rhinoplasty Performed?

During the surgical procedure called rhinoplasty, different surgical techniques are preferred depending on the content of the aesthetic problem in the nose, the tissue characteristics of the nose, the patient’s expectations from the surgery, and whether there are discomforts such as sinusitis, intranasal curvatures or intranasal flesh growths that are planned to be intervened in the same surgery can be achieved.

Aesthetic nose surgeries are performed under general anesthesia except for special cases, and the duration of the operation takes between 1.5-2.5 hours depending on the content of the intervention and the technique to be used. The duration of the operation may be longer in patients who have had previous nose surgery and in cases where sinuses should be intervened during the surgery or cartilage pieces should be removed from the ear or ribs.

The basic principle of rhinoplasty is the separation of the nasal skin and the mucous membrane covering the nose from the bone and cartilage structures with the help of instruments applied completely inside the nose or incisions made from the skin section between the two nostrils. Bone and cartilage structures of the nose are examined using different techniques and technologies. After the shape has been given, the skin and mucosa are repositioned. Except in exceptional circumstances, aesthetic nose surgeries do not include any direct intervention on the skin covering the nose.

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