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Nose Surgery Testimonial – Vicky from UK

Vicky, from UK

Nose Surgery Testimonial

“FlyHealth team were patiently there throughout the whole journey”

“This is my nose surgery testimonial. If you’re looking for a highly trained and extremely experienced plastic surgeon, with delicate precision to finesse, then Prof. Dr Reha Yavuzer is this talented practitioner for you!

As a patient from abroad, choosing the correct reconstructive surgeon was imperative, and from the moment I met the Dr I knew he was the surgeon I was in search of. He humbly met me with an ear to listen, an eye to detail, understood the anatomy of my nose, and whilst having surgery intervened with intricate skill and safety, with realistic expectations using his expertise. I can’t thank him enough for transforming my life, both cosmetically & medically, a very highly skilled surgeon indeed.

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The surgeon surgery outcome was phenomenal with future follow-up care, the hospital facilities & care was professional with English spoken medics, and the FlyHealth team were patiently there throughout the whole journey, were instantly approachable to any queries I had, and had tailored my itinerary to ensure all my needs were taken care of, especially Fariza & John, what a wonderful experience you gave me! I hope my nose surgery testimonial will help others to decide.”

My warmest regards, love, and best wishes to the entire team!”

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