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After Brazilian butt lift Istanbul and Liposuction Istanbul

We met our patient from Netherlands, after her Brazilian butt lift and Liposuction Istanbul. She came all away from the Netherlands, with her best friend to get the procedure done.


She  is a student and came all the way from the Netherlands. She tells us that she actually didn’t think at first that she would get a procedure done as she was just going to accompany her best friend whom was going to get a nose correction done with FlyHealth. Her best friend asked her to come along with her so that she didn’t have to come alone to Istanbul. She got curious about which other services FlyHealth would offer and took a look at the website. She took a lot of interest in the Brazilian butt lift and the liposuction. The reviews that she found were all positive and thus she gained the courage and contacted the FlyHealth office in Hollanda and got quickly an appointment for a first consultation.

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When we asked about her experience before, during and after the procedure she couldn’t stop talking about the fact that it was so good which she at first didn’t expected. She had read and heard many things about clinics in Turkey which were everything except positive thus she was still a little bit scared and unsure. With a little hart she came to Turkey but from the moment she arrived at the airport in Istanbul she was guided from then on throughout her stay.

She was very pleased about the quality of the hotel and the behaviour of the staff. She was never left alone when she had to go to the clinic, she was always escorted and guided to the person she was supposed to meet. The specialist explained her everything about the procedure. What would happen step by step, what she could expect and what would happen afterwards. She tells us that the day before the procedure she took the chance to explore the city. She went shopping, did some sightseeing and went out. The procedure went exactly as how the specialist had told her thus she was more than happy. Also the results were exactly how she hoped them to be.


She was very excited before coming to Istanbul and take her Brazilian butt lift and Liposuction. Everything was so perfectly arranged that her little fears went away just like that. She got answers to all her questions, responses always came fast and she was guided in a way she did not expect. She tells us that she would definitely recommend FlyHealth to her friends and family as it was the best medical experience she has ever had.

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