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Official opening of our office in Leiden, the Netherlands

We, at FlyHealth, are proud to announce to you that we have opened an office in The Netherlands. More precisely, the new office is located in the city of Leiden.

In our past few months we came across many patients from the Netherlands, Germany and Belgium whom wanted to see us in person for a first consultation. As we are always there for our patients we thought of a central place in Holland so that we could help also those patients with a limited travel distance. Our new office Leiden has made this wish come true.

The new office in Holland is where prospective patients go for their first consultation. As we care about our patients perspectives, thoughts, comfort and budget, we don’t let them make just an appointment and go ahead with the procedure. When a prospective patient has made an enquiry about a procedure, may it be a cosmetic surgery, hair transplantation or anything else, first we offer to make an appointment with the patient in our office. All our consultancy office has the best representative to help the patient further with any questions or doubt they might have. Also our new office Leiden is equipped with such a experienced staff.

At first the patient send us an enquiry for a certain treatment. We then analyze this treatment, the patient’s description of what to be the issue and from where the patient is from. After analysing all the details, we send an e-mail back to the patient with some basic information and a request to make an appointment in our office as an option. When the appointment is made the patient will come to the consultation to our office and meet one of our specialist. During this consultation the patient gets a full description of the possibilities of the treatment which suits the patient the most. As with any other treatment there will always be questions coming to the surface and for sure the patient will have doubts. Different like others, we make time to answer all the questions that the patient has and explain more if some things were not understood from the first time. It is our responsibility to make our patients comfortable and feed them with as much information as they need.

The new office Leiden will provide all the needed information you need to let you make the decision and take the treatment you have been waiting for.

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