Our Additional Services at FlyHealth comes at affordable cost

Additional Services

We understand how anxious you can be when electing cosmetic surgery, travelling abroad to an unknown city without knowing anyone there. How do you cope? At FlyHealth, we go to the best of our abilities to make you feel as welcome as possible throughout the entire duration of your stay. By providing you with additional services besides cosmetic surgery, we hope to enhance your overall experience.


Upon arrival, one is usually lost and looking for public transport to get to their destination. There’s no need for rush or panic. We offer arrival services so that you can easily find your way and won’t have to worry about getting lost. A private chauffeur will be waiting in the arrival hall with your name written on a board. Hence, you can easily identify your chauffeur and get going. Even if your flight is delayed, you can expect your chauffeur to be there once you land.

Transfer from the airport

Comfort of our patients has always been in our spotlight. At FlyHealth we know how important plastic surgeries are and how anxious one can be, having arrived to unknown city, without anyone that he knew. In order to make you feel at home we offer additional services, private chauffeur will await you at the airport with your name written on a board. Even if your flight is delayed you can rest assured that there always will be someone from FlyHealth team to meet and greet you with a welcome package when you arrive. Please contact us to arrange your private transfers.

Caretaker services

We realize that you may not always be travelling alone to a foreign country. If you want to combine it with a trip, it is very likely that you’ll bring your child(ren). That’s why we want to assure you that your children will be in good hands while you undergo cosmetic surgery. We have caretaker services of which your child(ren) can profit during your procedure.

Private residence

After surgery, you may feel the need to relax and to allow your body to fully recover before you go back to your normal routine. We want to provide you with the comfort in which you can realize this. We can arrange for patient residence where you can stay throughout the duration of your recovery. A caretaker will be assigned to you whom will nurse you to ensure a proper rehabilitation period. This provides you with a sense of comfort that even after your cosmetic surgery, you’ll be in good hands.

City tour

Of course, this may be your very first time in Istanbul. Even if it isn’t your first time, we understand that you might want to explore the beauty and riches that Istanbul has to offer. Istanbul hosts millions of tourists each year, for obvious reasons. Since your cosmetic surgery can be part of a trip you have planned with your family, we offer city touring services, where we take you to the most popular tourist attractions that Istanbul has to offer to its many tourists. Be sure to take in the cultural riches while you’re here. If you agree to cooperate in a promotional video, we even offer the city trip for free!

Our additional services extend far beyond what we just laid out to you. We’d like you to know that we’ll do everything to make your stay in Istanbul as pleasurable as possible by offering you these additional services. Even during your stay, if there’s every anything we can do for you we urge you not to hesitate and contact us. We remain available and at your service. Contact us or read more information about our treatments.

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