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Our patient had tummy tuck right after Corona lockdown period

Let's take a look at her adventure!

FlyHealth offers many cosmetic procedures. Our ultimate goal is to provide patients from every corner of the world with reliable cosmetic treatments in the most prestigious healthcare institutions in Turkey. Petra van Utrecht decided to take a tummy-tuck. In this article we share Petra’s experience with FlyHealth.

How did you find FlyHealth?

Petra’s daughter wanted to have a nose job and discussed this with her mother. Petra then started looking for reliable institutions that offered this treatment and ended up at FlyHealth. What Petra found attractive about FlyHealth is that it didn’t come across as pushy. She asked for a quote and was given extensive time to compare this with other players on the market in order to arrive at a good decision, without any external pressure.

How was the procedure before you came to Turkey?

Petra was very impressed with the procedure before she came to Turkey. She was provided with a quote that she also compared to all other companies in order to come to her own conclusion that FlyHealth is the right organization. After that, she started researching FlyHealth itself to see if we had appeared negatively in the news. She couldn’t find anything about that either. She felt that FlyHealth kept her very well informed about the developments and also received a detailed letter with the complete procedure.

Did you have any concerns before you came to Turkey and were we be able to fix these?

The tricky part of this trip for Petra was that she had to do it alone, because of covid-19. For her, it was very exciting. Besides, she hadn’t met the doctor either. Then she got in touch with her buddy from FlyHealth while she was in the hospital for a corona test and asked if she could speak to the doctor before she had surgery. FlyHealth immediately started working on this to put Petra at ease. The doctor came by and took Petra through the procedure so that she could feel more at ease. We were able to put Petra’s mind at ease before the surgery started!

What did you think of the doctor and the explanation?

What Petra noticed during the interview was that our doctor loves her profession and knows what she is talking about. She was also able to empathize well with Petra and therefore she understood what needed to be done. “As a woman, you don’t want to have a hanging belly” , says Petra. She also found the explanation very detailed and had a good feeling of the treatment.

How was your time in Turkey?

“HOT!” Petra said. She hasn’t seen much of Turkey. The operation was very time consuming and lasted over 6 hours. She just took all the time to recover from the procedure in the hotel. She also thought that the care in the hospital was fantastic. The hotel was more than she could have hoped for, including room service and everything.

Would you recommend FlyHealth to your family and friends?

‘Yes, a definite YES!’, said Petra. She can’t help but conclude that the service flyhealth offered her was super and that we were able to do everything we could to make her stay and recovery as luxurious as possible. The price is very attractive, the care in the hospital is fantastic, the hotel is very luxurious and the taxis were very on time. “I never had to wait for anything“.

At FlyHealth, we are very committed to making your whole experience better in Turkey. We want to go to the best of our abilities to make your stay as luxurious as possible. Choosing cosmetic surgery is of course not just any decision. That’s why we at FlyHealth do everything we can to make you as comfortable as possible.

Are you interested in the whole interview? Watch the interview and hear what else Petra has to say about FlyHealth! Learn more about the treatments of FlyHealth. If you are looking for before-and-after photos to see what result FlyHealth can achieve, click here.

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