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Our Patient is On Her Way to Thigh Lift and Breast Lift Implants

Plastic surgery after major weight loss: Our patient is on her way to thigh lift and breast lift implants. What are the most important things to know about these surgeries? 

If you are planning cosmetic surgery in Turkey, you might have a lot of questions in mind. Answering these questions before the surgery and even before visiting the country plays a key role to help you make a decision. Patients can decide on their breast lift surgery or thigh lift surgery based on these answers. In FlyHealth, we answer all your questions before you fly to Istanbul.

Our expert team organizes a consultation appointment between you and your surgeon. The consultation appointment is organized online via an online chat platform. In this appointment, the surgeon will explain the procedure. Also, the patient can ask any question in his/her mind to eliminate all doubt.

Will There Be Scarring After Thigh Lift Surgery?

The scarring after the thigh lift surgery will depend entirely on the patient. The surgeon will explain all the options in the online consultation appointment. However, the real results can only be seen after the surgery. The surgeon will perform a liposuction operation on the thighs. The liposuction will remove the excess fat on each thigh. After this procedure, the surgeon will be able to assess the excess skin.

Depending on the amount of excess skin on each thigh, the operation scars will be in different locations. If the excess skin is not too much, the scar will be on the upper part of the thigh. If the excess skin is too much, the scar will start from the upper part of the thigh and reach down until the knee. Also, the operation scar will depend on the quality of the skin. In general, thicker skins tends to heal better than thinner skin types. The oil level of the skin might also have an impact on the healing procedure. The surgeon will explain all these details before the surgery and before arriving in Istanbul.

Which Breast Implants Are Used for The Breast Lift Operation?

There are different breast implant brands in the market. The breast implant brand selection will depend on the surgeon. The surgeon will request a breast tissue to check which brand will be more suitable. Also, the size of the breast implant for the breast lift operation will be selected once the patient arrives in Istanbul.

Which Painkillers Are Used During Thigh Lift and Breast Lift Operations?

After the operation, the surgeon will give morphine and similar painkillers to the patient in the hospital. However, it is strictly forbidden to administer these types of painkillers outside the hospital. For this reason, the patient cannot take morphine or similar painkillers at the hotel. See also thigh lift or breast lift pages.

Will The Environment Be Warm Enough After Waking Up from Anaesthesia?

The operating theatre must be cold to prevent any infections and enable the surgeons to perform the surgery. Some of the patients might feel cold and discomfortable. The time the patients spend in the cold environment will be short like half an hour depending on the operation. Later, the patient will be taken to a warmer room to recover. Still, some of the patients might need time to feel warm.

Can The Patients Get Two Sets of Corsets to Wear After the Tight Lift and Breast Lift Surgeries?

After the operation, the patient will receive one set of corsets. The patient needs to wear the corsets to avoid any post-op complications. If requested, the patient can pay for an additional set of corsets and receive a second set. The patient can buy a smaller corset as the second set. As the swelling from the surgery will disappear over time, wearing a smaller set of corsets will help with the overall recovery. A smaller size will fit better a few weeks after the surgery.

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