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The Tummy Tuck Operation

Tummy tuck (abdominoplasty) operations are used to treat drooping skin in the abdomen and underbelly, as well as fat that cannot be removed by diet and exercise. Sagging, cracks, and lubrication caused by cesarean section, pregnancy, and constant weight gain are easily removed by aesthetic surgery. In addition to the general interventions to eliminate the deformation in the abdomen and underbelly area, if the lubrication and sagging occur only in the region below the belly button, then the mini-abdominoplasty operation may be sufficient. Mini abdominoplasty surgery is a less invasive procedure in terms of both application time and recuperation time. The recuperation period varies from person to person, depending on lifestyle and physical structure. Today, medical advances make it easier to do this type of surgery effectively, as well as many other types of surgery. In addition to seeing yourself happier in the mirror, tummy tuck surgery is a definite and perfect solution for the correction of imperfections that cannot be corrected by other methods, due to the positive reactions you will receive from the people around you.

What is Tummy Tuck?

The name of the cosmetic surgical intervention used to reduce drooping that occurs in the abdomen region and has a bad effect on a person’s psychology in terms of aesthetics is “tummy tuck” among the general public and “Abdominoplasty” procedure in medical terminology. As with all surgical treatments, the type of surgery that succeeds in restoring the physical contour of the body after the operation entails some dangers. These dangers, which your surgeon will describe in detail, are also strongly tied to your normal daily choices. Smoking and alcohol usage, insufficient exercise, or a lack of exercise in your life all have an impact on the operation’s outcome. The bulging navel protrusion, which affects the posture of all types of clothing such as pants, skirts, and dresses, virtually disappears following this surgery. It offers a flatter belly that is flatter than before the procedure and clarifies the waistline. The procedure is carried out through an incision immediately above the pubic region and below the navel. This incision, which is longer than the cesarean line, is adequate for the mini-abdominoplasty procedure. The placement of the belly button changes when the upper abdomen is stretched as well.

What Is Aimed With Abdominoplasty?

The goal of abdominoplasty (Tummy Tuck) surgery is to have a flat stomach and a younger body profile. In addition to excessive lubrication and drooping in the belly and abdomen, a tummy tuck operation can be combined with liposuction if there is fat in the waist and hip area. This surgery can also be used to remove skin tissue loosening caused by age. Stretching the abdominal muscles and skin results in some weight reduction. Body measurements should be reduced by 1-2 sizes following abdominoplasty surgery. It is also easier to get a bikini physique, thanks to a flat stomach and a droopy tummy. It is possible to make the silhouette achieved by the procedure smoother with the help of the workout that you will begin following the healing period after the surgery. With a belly tuck, a person’s physical appearance improves and their self-confidence is restored. The aesthetic intervention, which also gives substantial psychological contributions to the person, aims for high self-confidence and a happy mood.

Who and What Situations Is Abdominoplasty Applied to?

It is a body sculpting treatment used by men and women who have excess abdominal fat that would not go away despite diet and exercise efforts. Abdominoplasty, a popular type of aesthetic surgery following cesarean section births or in cases of significant weight gain, such as numerous pregnancies, is applied to persons whose bodies have undergone distortion. People with abdominal skin and muscular structures that do not spontaneously return to their normal and tight state after such scenarios might readily regain their old form. Abdominoplasty surgery is advised for patients who do not have chronic conditions and are anesthetized. Because chronic disorders that can inhibit blood clotting, such as diabetes, present a significant barrier to undertaking this sort of surgery. It is critical that the patient does not have such conditions in order for the wounds to heal, to avoid complications, and for the surgical process to be effective.

Frequently Asked Questions About Tummy Tuck (Abdominoplasty)

What is aimed with tummy tuck surgery?

With abdominoplasty (tummy tuck) operation, a flat stomach and a younger body shape are targeted.

Who and what conditions is abdominoplasty applied to?

It is a body shaping method used by men and women in people who have excess in the abdominal region that cannot be removed despite all diet and exercise efforts.

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