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Planning your Hair transplant with FlyHealth: The Best Hair Transplant!

D.M from London, UK

Hair Transplant

Our patient from D.M from UK, meet us in London in March 2018. For the fist time after seeing natural looking hair transplant results of his friend. He seemed a bit nervous and at the same time excited about possibility of travelling to another country. For a medical procedure! He has asked us questions about the hotel he would stay, transfers that would be arranged and translator that would be available during his stay and obviously expectations after the surgery. All must have been cleared; he has booked his treatment on the same day without knowing the exact date yet.

6 months from then, he has arrived to Istanbul for the hair transplantation and PRP treatments. First impression were “The flight was good, the hotel is spotless all good, thank you very much the city is amazing”

Arrived at the clinic

Arrived at the clinic all went pretty well, the hair transplant was created which is a continuous line from one side of the face around the sideburn, to the temple points or recession and then along the front to the other side of the head.

When creating a hairline, the design and placement are crucial to restoring a cosmetically pleasing look and framing the face. The hairline is the most important aspect of a hair transplant Istanbul as it creates a youthful look and appearance.

The design has to match the face overall, a subtle change can make a big improvement to the look of an individual. The orientation of the hair as it moves around the hairline into the temples and then down the sides needs to change in hair density and angles otherwise an unnatural hair look.

Hair Transplantation:

The newest transplant available, hair transplant involves extracting individual follicular units from the scalp and then placing them in the recipient area. FUE takes around 6-8 hours to perform. However, the results are well worth it!

FUE should leave little to no noticeable scarring. It can also be done in patch-shave and no-shave options, allowing patients who choose those types to keep their hairstyle.

Final Thoughts:

Having spent 3 days in Istanbul to get his hair back, M.D is happy with the whole experience. Now it will be time to continue doing his hair wash and hair care until the healing is completed. Without doubts, smoking and/or drinking alcohol is strictly not recommended after hair transplantation in Istanbul to ensure healthy growth of the hair follicles.

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