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Plastic Surgery Trends of 2016: Body Contouring Surgery on the Rise

Plastic surgery has become part of our global culture for decades now. From Kim Kardashian’s new butt lift, to your next-door neighbor’s new nose, millions of people are opting for plastic surgery to improve their self-image.

While certain plastic surgery treatments—such as nose surgery and liposuction—remain the most requested plastic surgery procedures, there are some unexpected cosmetic surgery procedures rising in popularity amongst youngsters and baby boomers.

According to American Society of Plastic Surgeons (ASPS), there’s a new shift in the types of cosmetic surgery procedures patients request compared to the beginning of 2000.

The overall volume of plastic surgery treatments has also increased by 2 percent since 2014, going up to 15.9 million surgical and minimally invasive cosmetic procedures. The top five cosmetic procedures were breast implants, liposuction, nose surgery, eyelid surgery, and tummy tuck.

As for the minimally invasive cosmetic treatments, treatments included Botox, soft tissue fillers, chemical peels, laser hair removal and mincrodermabrasion.

“While more traditional facial procedures and breast augmentations are still among the most popular, we’re seeing much more diversity in the areas of the body patients are choosing to address,” said Dr. David H. Song, ASPS president, in a press release. “Patients have more options than ever, and working closely with their surgeon, they’re able to focus on specific target areas of the body to achieve the look they desire.”

The most significant shift is the rapid rise in popularity of the buttock lift.

Buttock lifts and breast implants are now the fastest-growing types of body contouring procedures in the US, as reported by ASPS. Most notably, the rate of people undergoing lifts has increased by 252 percent between 2000 and 2015, from 1,356 to 4,767 procedures.

Another major trend noticed is the popularity of plastic surgery treatments among men. For the first time, men made for more than 40 percent of breast reduction surgeries, a total of 27, 456 procedures. This accounts for a five percent increase over the previous year and a 35 percent growth since 2000, per ASPS.

“As plastic surgery is becoming more common and accepted in men, we’re seeing more of them undergo procedures to tighten and tone problem areas, like the breasts,” Dr. Song added. “This procedure is often done in younger men who face genetic challenges with the size and shape of their breasts, and when appropriate, surgery can make a big difference in their lives.

Let’s take a closer look at these trending plastic surgery treatments.

Plastic Surgery Trends of 2016

Butt lift

Patients who are displeased with the appearance of their buttocks, due to their size or shape or the presence of sagging skin, can benefit from butt lift surgery. This procedure is an ideal choice for patients who have lost weight and feel their buttocks lack defined contours— or those who simply wish to enhance the appearance of their derriere. It must be duly noted that butt lift is a surgical procedure that can be customized to meet each individual patient’s unique needs and personal appearance goals. Patients with excess sagging skin may choose a traditional excisional butt lift; whereas those who wish for a subtle augmentation may opt for the popular Brazilian butt lift.

Whether you are looking for a simple augmentation or a full butt restoration, butt lift surgery can help you achieve firm and attraction rear end.

Like most body cosmetic surgery procedures, butt lift surgery can be carried out on its own or in conjunction with other treatments such as tummy tuck and breast implants as part of a more full body contouring treatment plan.

Breast augmentation

Clinically known as augmentation mammoplasty and colloquially referred to as breast implants, breast augmentation is generally performed for cosmetic reasons, whether to add volume to disproportionately small breasts, regain symmetry of breasts—or to simply create a more voluptuous figure.

Women seeking to enhance the size of the breasts can choose from a large selection of breast implant sizes. A more natural look can be acquired by small breast implants, which can increase size and lift while maintaining a more modest look. Breast implant sizes range from the smallest 125cc, to 1200c.

There are a number of factors that should be taken in consideration when deciding on implant size, such as the current shape and size of the patient’s breasts, the patient’s body type—and what kind of look the patient is aiming for.

Just like fashion, plastic surgery is subject to new trends every season. What’s “trending” today changes constantly, and who seeks which procedure changes as well. There are also more new treatments and products awaiting FDA approval in 2017.

One thing is for sure: we will always look for more ways to look our best.

Credit Source: American Society of Plastic Surgeons, Medical Daily

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