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Renee Clinic: Luxury Beauty Haven in the Heart of Istanbul

Beauty has a new address: Renee Clinic, a luxury cosmetic surgery haven gloriously nestled in one of Istanbul’s upscale neighbourhoods Nisantasi providing a private and comfortable setting for all outpatient procedures.

Walking into Renee clinic, it feels like walking into a lavish beauty boutique in Paris.

Renee is a state-of-the-art clinic space offering enhanced in-house aesthetic procedures to help patients gain additional benefits after their surgery—or to provide non-invasive treatments when surgery is not an option.

Prof. Reha Yavuzer is at the helm of Renee clinic, a true believer in beauty, a skilled artist providing the most advanced cosmetic surgery technology and all modern conveniences to make your journey to beauty a seamless and comfortable experience you will never forget.

From the sleek leather upholstery to 5-star bathroom, you will never want your consultation with Prof. Yavuzer to end and wish to have your surgery in the clinic. As a well-established beauty landmark in Istanbul equipped with luxury comforts and the personalized treatment
you deserve, Prof. Yavuzer’s compassionate and comprehensive care will turn your beauty inside out. Prof. Yavuzer’s goal is to extend all the comfort and safety to patients—delivered with the utmost respect for their privacy. He performs a full spectrum of aesthetic procedures for the face, body and breast both invasive and non-invasive employing the latest in breakthrough technologies and protocols, including 3D plastic surgery simulation equipment.

Dr. Reha  Yavuzer

Award-winning plastic surgeon of 1998

Ankara-born, Dr. Yavuzer graduated from Ankara Medical School and was awarded the title of “Plastic Surgeon Specialist of June 1998” in the US where he earned his Medical Licensing Training (USMLE). He was awarded a well-coveted title of Professor in May 2010. With many notches on his belt, Prof. Yavuzer took part in various internships in the UK and contributed to writing medical articles that were published in 200 national and international journals. He is also an esteemed member of the Association of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons and Turkish Association of Plastic Reconstructive and Aesthetic Surgery Board.

Bringing an accomplished and sound record of growth to Renee, Prof. Yavuzer holds every service provided at the clinic to the highest standard.

As the founder of Renee, Prof. Yavuzer brings over 20 years of experience in the aesthetic surgery profession to his luxurious, state-of-the-art facility in Istanbul, Turkey, equipped with accredited surgery suite and an après-surgery pampering center. The clinic serves as a beauty hub to provide speedy and cutting-edge cosmetic services and minimally invasive procedures, while also serving as a convenient location—in Istanbul City Center, a walking distance from OsmanBey Metro Station—for plastic surgery consultations.

Armed with the most sought-after artistic skills, Prof. Yavuzer offers a full-scope of facial surgeries, (facelift), body surgery (liposuction, breast implants, breast reduction, and tummy tuck) and skin care treatments.


Advanced Beauty Equipment

Renee clinic is where artistic beauty meets advanced cosmetic technology. The clinic is fully equipped with the latest in modern plastic surgery technology to complement your self-enhancement experience.

Plastic Surgery Simulation in 3D

Renee is one of the few plastic surgery clinics in Istanbul to employ an in-house 3D Plastic Surgery Simulation equipment. This equipment allows patients to visualize how they will look like by offering online 3D simulations for any aesthetic and plastic surgery procedures—including nose surgery, breast implants and breast reduction—based on standard 2D photos.

Breast School: Teaching Beauty

Prof. Yavuzer takes it a step further by passing on his knowledge and know-how to his fellow plastic surgeons.

Prof. Yavuzer has dedicated an entire floor of his clinic as a teaching facility. The breast school is the first concept of its kind in Turkey to provide invaluable knowledge of breast reconstruction. The class is free of charge. Any plastic surgeon interested in learning about new breast surgical techniques can join for free.

For more information on the latest plastic surgery treatments, Prof. Reha Yavuzer is offering, contact us.

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