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Rhinoplasty experience from Canada

Nose Surgery

“Hell yea! I would definitely recommend FlyHealth; hospital is way better than Canadian Hospitals!”


Lovely Nur, had Turkish background, was searching online about rhinoplasty Istanbul especially though instagram until she came across FlyHealth. It did not take long until she booked everything and arrived in Istanbul.

Removal of the cast:

On the seventh day of the treatment, she was in the clinic for cast removal. The moment she saw her nose, she could not believe her eyes. It was much smaller, hump was gone and it was not coming down when she was laughing. “I can take a lot of selfies”she said.

It is explained clearly, how she should massage her nose by herself in order for the best outcome.


Our patient host asked her few questions about the experience after the removal of the cast. She was really very positive about everything, she said: “ I really enjoyed all the time, swelling and bruising was very minimal. FlyHealth was easily reachable at all times, hospital was better than Canadian Hospitals, sorry about that Canadian officials” she said.

City Tour:

Our complimentary city tour started with a ferry though the bosphours took place in historical city center followed by grand bazaar and ended in Besiktas.

Enjoy the journey!

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