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Rhinoplasty Experience

What is rhinoplasty?

Rhinoplasty is a plastic surgery operation performed by making changes in the bone and cartilage structures of the nose shape in this structure.

Nasal aesthetics, also known as nasoplasty and rhinoplasty, is one of the most frequently performed aesthetic operations. Rhinoplasty is performed to eliminate the deformities of the nose that are congenital, occur later, or occur due to trauma. While it can be applied for visual disturbance, it may also need to be corrected as it causes respiratory disorders – difficulty breathing in most people.

Regardless of the reason for the aesthetic operation, the primary goal in rhinoplasty is to make the nasal airway work optimally at the end of the operation. During the operation, one or more of the operations of reshaping the nose, removing deformities or changing the shape of a part of it can be applied.

As FlyHealth, we provide you with both a quality operation and a specialist surgeon.

The lady you are watching has benefited from this wonderful service we offer. She thinks it’s strange to see herself in this new state. She loved her new nose because she thinks she looks good in the mirror. She’s not even wrong. She lived with the same nose for years and now sees herself in front of the mirror for the first time after rhinoplasty. She is both surprised and happy about it. Because she didn’t like the look of her nose before.

That’s why she’s very happy with her current appearance. Because she took advantage of the service that gave her the best service, namely from FlyHealth. Everything was sorted out for her at the hospital and hotel. She liked the food at the hotel. At the meantime, she thinks the surgery experience was perfect. She says she felt as if she was falling asleep and felt no pain when she received anesthesia while entering the surgery. She thinks the surgeon was sweet and she told me everything about my rhinoplasty surgery. She did not feel nervous at all about her surgery.

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Rhinoplasty for Men and Women

Nose surgery, which can be applied to both men and women, is a complicated operation. It may take 6 to 12 months to fully achieve the expected result. This process varies according to the size of the surgery in the nose, the structure of the tissues in the nose or the problem. After surgery, minor corrections may be necessary for some patients to achieve the desired shape.

Rhinoplasty Turkey?

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