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Rhinoplasty Review by Anonymous, from Turkey– Testimonial

Anonymous, from Turkey


“I can honestly say that my problems are gone”

“I was born with a very big and long nose!
Same as my sister and my mother They both came to terms with the appearance of their faces and didn’t seem to mind, but to me it has always been a problem… Ever since I was about 10, I have been dreaming about having my nose done by of those surgeons that operated celebrities, but by the time I finally decided to go for it, it turned out that I wouldn’t be able to afford it… I started to look for a better price and that’s how I found FlyHealth. I booked my operation and took a flight to Turkey even though at first I didn’t even know where exactly I was going ??
Before the day of surgery I met the surgeon. We shook hands and chatted for a while. And so it really looked as if the doctor wasn’t doing this only for the money he was sympathetic and really seemed to understand my problem and that wasn’t doing this for fun. We were talking about details of the procedure and I must say I was very uncomfortable with the fact that they would have to break my nose first in order to make it look better. But I knew there was simply no other way and I really, like REALLY had to finally do sth. with that ugly nose of mine, so… And one thing I really liked about that consultation was the simulation – I could see exactly how I would be looking like with a “new” nose and of course I loved it.
Now my nose is not swollen anymore and I can finally see how much it changed. I can honestly say that my problems are gone and it was well worth that money and a bit of pain after surgery.”

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