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Rhinoplasty Review from Hanna

My name is Hanna, I am from Sweden. I found FlyHealth on the internet. I read that this clinic does every single facial and body contouring procedure. I looked up and texted them. I got a very quick response. They were so nice. They asked if they could give me a call, so our story began. They answered any questions I had and after our talk I decided to continue with them.

Because they were so nice to me and helpful. I got the feeling that I am dealing with a professional team. Of course, I had medical questions and they arranged a video consultation for me by phone through the internet. After that I decided to go ahead with it and booked my surgery.  Then I said to myself let’s do this procedure very soon and complete what I have started. As I was dreaming about my new nose and look for such a long time.  Another good point is, there is no waiting list.

We checked the earliest availability and FlyHealth fixed the surgery date very quickly. They were very adjustable to what I wanted. I booked my flights and got to Istanbul. I was a little bit scared because Istanbul airport is very big. Before I got there, they texted me and sent me videos showing where I should go when I came to the airport.

All the way, signs I had to follow were mentioned and explained. Everything was clear and there were no questions from my side. Private driver took me to the hotel in a private car. It was so nice after a long journey by plane. We arrived at the hotel with my companion.  That is another advantage, and they did not take any extra charges for this. Our trip was easy, and the hotel was nice. We had no problem at all. My English-speaking guide helped me with everything.  I could text him late at night because the next day I was going to surgery and was nervous. My guide supported me a lot. After surgery I texted them, I said I am feeling a bit of pain because of surgery which is normal.  They comforted me and were available all the time. 7/24.

Before & After

Do you want to know more about nose job?

Once the doctor took the bandage and silicones and gave me the mirror to see my nose, I was up to the sky. I said, ‘OH My GOD’’. Even though there was swelling and edema, it is so cute, and the wings are smaller. I couldn’t even dream of a more perfect and fitting result; it looks so naturally perfect and hands down I’m so glad and thankful for the surgeon’s magical hands and talent.

My nose is now so small and nice. it perfectly fits my face. Doctor took into consideration my desire and did a great job. I like my new look and new me. My nose tip does not look like a ball anymore. Once I saw my new nose first, I was amused. I need time to get used to my new me. I realised that my confidence is back. That is the most important thing I missed my whole life till surgery. My nose looks perfect.

The whole visit was good. It was not just a trip for surgery. I won’t lie. First days I was feeling pain, a little bit sad and like oh my face is hurting. Of course, it is a procedure. But it was for very short time and another day I felt better and said to myself Oh My God I am feeling better and I can even go sightseeing. I went outside with my companion and there was very much to see in Istanbul. The way the FlyHealth team treated me was very professional. They have a nice team. I am 100% satisfied with the results and the service I have received.

I’m feeling so good I can’t even describe. This procedure has already changed my life and I’m feeling so happy and much more confident.  Week after the surgery I took the cast off. And I’m loving my nose more and more for each day that passes by, it’s exactly what I wanted and I couldn’t be happier, I won’t forget my amazing nose surgery experience with FlyHealth and I’m forever thankful to you all.

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