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Second visit: 2 days hair transplant journey including body hair transplant

First time hair transplantation:

Our relationship with M.B from London goes back to 2016 when he has first enquired for hair transplant in Turkey with FlyHealth. His wide baldness gave us a chance to offer coverage for half of his head at a time. Due to the fact that some clinics in Istanbul recommended full head coverage we tried to explain that this was not a possibility given his weak donor area (back of his head) and wide balding area. Nevertheless, we have offered realistic solution of 3,000 grafts with half coverage and M.B accepted to go under hair transplant Istanbul surgery with FlyHealth. His treatment including airport pick -ups, hotel arrangements and hosting services were effortless. Now it was the time to say goodbye and wait for new hair to grow.

Second time hair transplantation

Around about a year later, Mr. M.B contacted us again to learn about what we could offer in order to cover remaining balding area which is about half of his head.  As a matter of fact, he did not have much donor hair remained on the back of his head but we could use, some of his body hair to completely cover his balding area. Body hair transplantation is offered, where the patient has lack of hair on the back of his head due to previous transplants or genetic reasons. The best parts to use as a body hair transplantation source are beard and chest hair. We often hear patients asking to use hair from legs, arms and back however these areas do not represent good source due to the different nature of hair in these regions. Quality poorly matches the head hair in that sense.

Two days hair transplantation

Nevertheless, we have offered M.B two days hair transplant session including first day head hair extraction and second day body hair extraction. We prefer to perform in two days to make sure patient is comfortable and is not in rush. As mentioned, back of the head is the still number one source of hair transplantation and therefore we had extracted maximum amount of grafts from back of his head during first day. During second day his chest hair was extracted and transplantation was done.

Final Words:

Our patient said: “ They do a real good job, I have been here for the second time and it worth my money and energy” We hope you enjoy watching this short video regarding M.B’s experience of FlyHealth. If you are also considering body hair transplantation it might give you and idea. In any case, do not forget to contact us to get customised medical travel plan.

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