Services | Patient Hosting, Accommodation, City Tours, Transfers

Our services consist of us handling all the treatment process and providing treatment plan, high class accommodation in carefully chosen places, private transfers and hosting. We provide our clients with pre-assessment results, arrange for doctor consultations as well as appointments in hospitals. Furthermore, upon request we are also able to arrange for shopping or trips to tourist attractions.

City Tours

One of the most asked service is a city tour. During you stay in Istanbul, depending on your schedule we will be assisting you to get to most popular places of Istanbul.Istanbul is a city of captivating contrasts. As diverse as it could be, Istanbul has multiple characters that can leave gasping for air. Whether you traveling for medical treatment or leisure, Istanbul will touch your soul in surprising ways. Straddling 2 continents, Istanbul is a magical meeting place of East and West–offering more than meets the eye.

Accommodation Arrangement

We arrange your stay in carefully chosen hotels in the central places of Istanbul. We will arrange your hotel close to your clinic. Our hotels vary from 3 stars to 4 stars. Where you are going to stay might differ based on the location of your clinic. We will give you information about your hotel in your itinerary. Your itinerary will include all the necessary information that you need for your hassle free stay in Istanbul, Turkey.


Comfort of our patients has always been in our priority. At FlyHealth we understand how anxious one can be having arrived to a foreign country for medical treatment. In order to make you feel at home, our private driver will be expecting you at the airport with your name written on a board. Even if your flight is delayed you can rest assured that there always will be someone from FlyHealth team to meet and greet you with a welcome package when you arrive. Please contact us to arrange your private transfers.

Patient Hosting

Your personal patient host will be with you during all apppointments check-in’s and check outs, to ensure that all the process goes smoothly.