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How to Choose the Best Size and Shape of Breast Implants?

The size of the breast tissue of women varies depending on weight gain, breastfeeding, and genetic structure. In case of structurally small, sagging, and deformity of the breast, breast aesthetics can be applied. In these and similar cases, women resort to breast augmentation aesthetics to increase the volume of missing or lost breast tissue and to obtain an aesthetic appearance.

In breast augmentation aesthetics, silicone breast prostheses are used to increase the volume and reinforce the insufficiently sized breast tissue. The prostheses used in breast augmentation aesthetics have a natural appearance and do not require an additional procedure, keeping their shape for many years.

Before the aesthetic surgery, the patient’s breast tissue, its dimensions, the desired size of the patient, and the shape of the breast are taken into consideration. Through this planning, the type of implant to be used and the size of the prosthesis is determined. Each plan is made specifically for the patient and breast tissue. In this planning, the appropriate prosthesis and the region where the prosthesis will be placed are very important for the successful operation of aesthetic surgery.

Hyaluronic acid fillers for breast augmentation are available in non-prosthetic methods such as aquafill, but the gold standard method for breast augmentation is augmentation with a silicone prosthesis. Fat filling applications and stem cell treatments for breast augmentation can also be successfully applied. These methods can be applied during or after the augmentation process to camouflage the prosthesis and to obtain more natural results.

What is Breast Prosthesis?

Breast prosthesis is used to imitate breast tissue that has lost its volume or is not in the desired volume in breast augmentation surgeries. Prostheses used in breast augmentation aesthetics are also called implants or silicones.

The outer surface of breast prostheses is covered with a hard silicone. The insides are softer and have a gel consistency. These implants, which have various physical properties, are divided into a number of groups as size, shape, surface and content. There are types of prostheses that can be smooth and textured as a surface, with saline, cohesive gel or silicone properties as content.

What Are the Types of Breast Prosthesis?

First of all, talk about the prostheses used, there are two main prosthesis groups, saline-filled (saline water) prostheses and silicone gel prostheses. The outer part of both prostheses is silicone, one is filled with saltwater and the other is filled with silicone gel. Some doctors prefer one, some prefer the other. However, more than 90% of the prostheses used in the European market and Turkey today are silicone gel prostheses. The use of saline prostheses, although cheaper, is declining. The main reason for this is the obvious advantages of silicone gel prostheses:

  • More natural look
  • Significantly low risk of capsular contracture
  • Less chance of the prosthesis being visible from the outside
  • Lower incidence of prosthesis bursting
  • Receiving the natural breast feeling with a touch
  • Allows the use of anatomical prostheses known as drops among various types of CPG prostheses.
  • Allows sub-glandular placement

Saline prostheses, whose main area of use was the USA in the 2000s, have lost their superiority to silicone gel prostheses since 2005, and the use of silicone gel prostheses in the USA will reach the percentages of Turkey and Europe in 2007-2008.

Details about breast implants

Are there any advantages of saline prostheses?

Of course, these prostheses also have some advantages. Let’s count them:

  1. If the prosthesis bursts in the body, it does not cause any problems as the saltwater will spread into the breast. Unfortunately, this idea, put forward by saline prosthesis supporters for a long time, describes the event from one side. Because the risk of spontaneous explosion of saline prostheses is already high. In addition, since the silicone in the silicone gel prostheses in use now is a gel, not a liquid, it does not disperse and stays where it is. Therefore, in the event of an accident (a sharp object penetrating the breast) or a spontaneous explosion, a new prosthesis can be placed at the same time after the prosthesis is easily removed and the pouch is washed. Therefore, being physiological is not an advantage of saline prostheses.
  2. While saline prostheses are easily placed through periumbilical (around the belly button) and axillary (armpit) incisions, this silicone gel prosthesis is very difficult and impossible for periumbilical intervention.

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What Should a Person Consider When Choosing the Appropriate Breast Implant?

The undecided point in the selection of the prosthesis used is the size of the prosthesis to be placed. Almost all of the incoming patients want a natural look, but what is the natural look? The natural appearance of a 45 kg and 150 cm tall person will of course be different from the natural appearance of a 60 kg and 170 cm tall patient. Again, even if a 20-year-old patient and a 45-year-old patient are the same height and weight, different prostheses can be placed. The size of the patient’s thorax, the measurement of the distance between the nipple and collarbone, under the breast, sternum, and armpit, the degree of sagging of the breast, and the quality of the breast skin (thick skin, thin skin, aged skin, etc.) play a role in the selection of the prosthesis size. In other words, one of the biggest mistakes a patient will make is this:

“My friend got breast augmentation with a 300 cc drop prosthesis, which was extremely wonderful. I desire it too.”

The right approach to such a patient is to explain that it is not that easy and to make the right decision by doing the necessary examination and explaining the reasons for this to the patient. Now, many doctors do not leave the decision to the patient in choosing the right breast size but decide according to the prosthesis that should be placed after the measurements.

Size Of The Implants For You

Your doctor will choose the best size implant for you, together with your ideas. In this way, with the opinion of your doctor, you will choose the most suitable implant for you.

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