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Get Ready for Summer

The summer is near and everyone is working hard to look perfect to flaunt their summer body to the world. What if all that effort doesn’t give you the satisfactory look that you have been searching for? You have always dreamed of bigger or smaller breasts or that hourglass figure? Wait no more, it is the perfect time to get your treatment done and get that body that you want!


When people think about liposuction they often think about ancient techniques to get rid of excess fat. This is not the case anymore these days. Liposuction can be a start of a difficult and long change in lifestyle with diets and exercises or it can be the finishing touch of your hard work and dedication. However, it can also be for those who are just not that satisfied with their body and want just that little extra touch.

Liposuction is literally the suction of fat out of the desired body part. May it be your thighs, hips and buttocks, abdomen and waist, upper arms, back, inner knee, chest area, cheeks… where there is excess fat, we at the FlyHealth clinic in Istanbul, Turkey, can do it. Getting a liposuction done in Turkey is the most economic place with an excellent result. Many clinics ask a lot of money and provide a poor treatment with a chance of complications afterwards. This is not the case when you have your liposuction done with FlyHealth. We have the most dedicated and experienced team of specialists that will provide you the best result. The minimal price you pay is not because of the quality of the treatment, but because of the living standards and doctors’ fees in Turkey being lower than most Western countries.

Breast Enlargement

Breast enlargements are the most common plastic surgery all over the world. Many women are not satisfied with the size of their breast and thus get them enlarged. Especially when summer comes up and you have that perfect body but not the breast size that you have been longing for, a breast enlargement is just a call away.

For breast enlargements, it is very important to go with a qualified and experienced clinic. If not, many complications may follow or the result may not look natural and up to your expectations. In our clinic in Istanbul, Turkey, we have a team of experienced surgeons that will provide you the best quality of breast enlargement. Our surgeons use only silicone implants from well-known brands. The results will be natural and to your expectations and the treatment will be economic for your pocket. So, what are you waiting for?

Breast Reduction

What about a breast reduction? No, we are not only talking about the ladies also you gentlemen can have a breast reduction. We get many male patients that want a breast reduction. Due to weight loss, the breast area still looks the same or the patient has a traumatic experience because of the enlarged breast or it can be a result of hereditary causes. The enlarged male breast is medically called a condition of gynecomastia. Whatever the reason may be, a breast reduction will be your answer. Other than breast enlargements, where silicone implants are used, a liposuction technique is used to remove the excess fat tissue in the breast area. The result will be as if you never have had gynecomastia. Having it done in our clinic in Istanbul, Turkey, you will not only be handled with respect and seriousness but also the result will be up to your expectations and you will save approx. 70% of what you would normally pay in your Western country. Our treatments are cheaper in price because of the lower living standards in Turkey and thus also the lower surgeon’s fee. It is the perfect solution so go for it!

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