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Talented Surgeon Can Create Miracles

Face is the most important part of the body when we talk about beauty.

Your success, self-esteem and ever relationships depend on how your face is looking. If we look at the cosmetic market we can see that people buy face products much more often then the body care products. And in the plastic surgery world the face surgeries amount is significantly higher than the body surgeries. We have so many changed life stories of people who had face surgeries and started living their dream lives by help of talented surgeon. 

The most popular facial surgery

This is the nose surgery. Of course! Nose job turkey is one of the easiest and most wanted surgeries. It can make you a superstar. Seriously!!! We think that this surgery is the easiest because of few reasons. Firstly, this surgery does not take a long time – from 1,5 to 3 hours. Sometimes patients do not even need to spend a night in the hospital. Secondly, you mostly do not feel absolutely any pain after surgery. You might only feel dizzy or like if you have flu during the first 1-2 days after surgery. This advantage gives you an opportunity for sightseeing after surgery. You can visit many different historical places of such a wonderful Istanbul city! 

But guess what is the biggest importance of the nose surgery!

Beautiful nose is something very important for both men and women. It is the most visible part of your face, which cannot be corrected to be hidden somehow. Sometimes the nose being the only changed part of the face changes all the appearance. It makes you look like a star! and that happened to our patient Zac. We are so happy looking how he changed after having rhinoplasty Istanbul. He became so confident and started working in the place he always wanted to work in! 

Our hero Zac did a big research before choosing the company

He talked to a FlyHealth expert a few months before making the decision. After receiving all the answers on his questions and comparing companies he decided to go ahead with FlyHealth. After having surgery he was very happy with his choice. He left us his video review on your YouTube channel and shared his pictures with us 7 months after surgery.

We need to mention that Zac is a very good patient

He achieved such a good result as he followed all the doctor’s recommendations. He did not wear glasses for 6 months and did the nose massage as the doctor showed him. Right after nose surgery how much he applied ice on his checks under the eyes. That helped the swelling go down faster. So if you want to have a good result after surgery you need to be careful not only when you choose the medical travel company or doctor. You also must be very responsible with fulfilling everything that doctor has said to you.

Another very important point is to have healthy expectations from surgery

You need to know that to see final result takes some time. This time is actually 9-12 months depending on your organism and how you cared after your nose after surgery. For Zac it was 7 moths but still he has 2-4 months for his nose bone and cartilage to be settled down completely.

before and afterNow Zac is looking very handsome

He actually was very handsome before but after rhinoplasty turkey he is as handsome as he only can be! He is working in a creative work, which he loves very much. He changed his hairstyle, too, which made him more attractive. Watching him looking like a celebrity now brings us so much joy and courage! 

There are also many women who started looking like superstars after nose surgery turkey!

We could not even imagine that only nose surgery how much can be so dramatically changing! You will look like a celebrity and be able breath deeply in case you have breathing problems.

Septorhinoplasty includes both aesthetically and correction of breath taking problems. Like septum deviation. You will solve two problems by only one treatment.

If you always struggled with not nice nose shape and want to have this life changing treatment contact our nose surgery consultant right now!


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