Terms and Conditions - FlyHealth

Booking and deposit

FlyHealth commits itself to provide the client with the service agreed upon by both sides. The price of the overall service is a subject to change until the deposit payment is made to FlyHealth. By making the deposit payment, the booking is confirmed. Deposit is non-refundable.


The final price of the service should include the treatment itself, as agreed in the medical travel package, and additional costs which would be agreed upon. The additional costs include accommodation, if provided by ourselves, transportation to and from the airport. The client is responsible for any unexpected costs related to the treatment that are not already included in the treatment price guide. An exact quote can only be given after your initial consultation with a specialist. After the agreement on the type of surgery and on the date of the treatment is made, a deposit payment is required. This can be paid by a bank transfer or PayPal. The rest of the payment is paid after initial consultation with the specialist in Turkey. By sending us the filled medical questionnaire, the client is confirming she/he has understood the terms and conditions. When you have paid the deposit, it is non-refundable . After every payment, confirmation with the remaining balance with all the payment details would be sent to the client. In case you will be processing the payment for the rest of your cosmetic surgery package by credit/debit card the amount will be debited in local currency. If you decide to pay by a credit/debit card the payment charge will be added due to the increase of associated bank charges. FlyHealth nor the clinic can be held responsible for the exchange rates given by your card issuer.

Limitation of Liability

FlyHealth holds no medical qualifications. Flyhealth is not responsible for, nor accepts liability for the work of the surgeon, clinic and its staff treating the client. In case the surgeon recommends not to undergo surgery, FlyHealth can not be held liable if the clients decides to undergo the surgery nonetheless. In case of any problem or dispute, the surgeon can only be held liable in Turkey and under Turkish law.

The parties, the client (patient) and the doctor, agree that in case of a medical conflict or failure by the surgeon, the clinic and its staff, legal steps can only be taken within the jurisdiction of the city of Istanbul and the Republic of Turkey, and responsibility or liability for these steps cannot be diverted or delegated to FlyHealth.

The clinic will provide the client with all the necessary advices and instructions. If the client refuses to follow them resulting into any type of damage or loss because of the lack of care on the client’s side, Fly Health does not take any responsibility nor accepts any liability.

By returning us Medical Background Check (a filled medical questionnaire) you agree to let FlyHealth and the clinic use this questionnaire for the purposes limited to medical use only. FlyHealth does not take any responsibility in case the client has provided false information or has concealed client’s full medical history. All the information in the questionnaire will be treated in a discrete and confidential way. None of the information you provide us for the purpose of the treatment will be used in the future without your written permission.

Other circumstances

The client is responsible for his safe arrival to Turkey. FlyHealth does not take any responsibility in case there is a delay in flight or if the client’s traveling documents are not valid or insufficient. FlyHealth is not liable for any compensation in case our supplier cannot provide the service as agreed upon. FlyHealth is not responsible for any unexpected circumstances requiring further costs and expenses which are beyond the subject of the contract, or which are beyond our control. In case there are any changes in the booking from the side of the FlyHealth, we guarantee to provide such information to the client as soon as possible. FlyHealth ensures its client that in such a case FlyHealth will re-arrange the date or other conditions of the treatment to the client’s satisfaction as much as possible.

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