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The Best Hair Restoration Technique for Afro Hair

For many people, hair plays an important role in their overall appearance. However, depending on genetics or any other reason you might be more prone to becoming bald sooner than expected. Many men feel extremely distressed and depressed while going through such a time. Becoming bald is something that is feared by a majority of the men because of which they are continuously seeking treatment options that will either slow down the process, or will eliminate the problem entirely.

One of the treatment options available is a Hair Transplant Treatment which is a surgical procedure that is carried out by professionals to cover the bald areas with hair. However, it is imperative that you choose a professional with adequate experience. FlyHealth has a team of professionals dedicated towards giving their clients from all over the world a high-quality experience. Here is how FlyHealth can help you get those shiny locks you have been wanting:

  • Initially a consultation session will be arranged in which you can talk with the specialist about all your needs and concerns. Generally, in this session, you will be told about the reasons for your baldness and will be given a strategy.
  • Depending on the stage of your hair loss, you will require a different kind of treatment. Hence, it will benefit you if you know exactly what kind of treatment you need and whether the clinic you are considering offers that treatment method or not.

One recurring concern that arises during discussing hair transplants is whether it is possible to apply the transplant process on Afro hair. Afro-hair is considered to be the most difficult since it is in the form of tight curls. However, a specific hair treatment method known as Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE) has been designed to help people with Afro-hair. Certain tools and techniques are needed to be implemented in such cases to get a higher survival rate of the grafts.

The purpose of these tests is to ascertain that hair restoration is possible in the particular case. Certain tests are performed by physicians at FlyHealth before promising anything. This helps both, the physician as well as the client to devise a treatment strategy and to come up with goals that are attainable.

Hair Restoration Technique is used all around the world by many people and has proven to be extremely successful in a majority of the cases. FlyHealth has a long list of happy clients who have successfully has their FUE hair transplant reconstructive surgery. Our team of experienced practitioners will guide you throughout the process and will even carry out post-transplant feedback sessions so that you always have the help you require.

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