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Thinking about rhinoplasty surgery?

Thinking about Rhinoplasty surgery?

If we were asked to draw a very basic sketch of human face and were given a pencil on a white sheet of paper, we would start by drawing two ellipses for the eyes, one vertical line for the nose and maybe another ellipse for the mouth. With these three shapes, it is possible to represent human face and this shows how important the role of our noses is in determining the shape of our face.

What is Rhinoplasty surgery and why does it matter?

So many people are interested in having a change in the way their faces look that oftentimes they encounter the word Rhinoplasty. This medical term sounds cool enough but what, for the purposes of daily life, is Rhinoplasty surgery?

Basically, it is nose surgery for aesthetic or medical reasons. Our noses have a central structure called septum. Those people who are advised to get nose jobs are mostly people who are naturally born with a deviated septum, meaning their noses have an asymmetrical shape. Plastic surgery of the nose addresses this deformity and strengthens the parts of the septum that are crucial for breathing.

Who needs a nose job?

Each person might have a different nasal shape and consequently, different conditions of the nose. Therefore, the first thing to do must be to ask a doctor. Even before that, it might be helpful to know a couple of things. Rhinoplasty surgery is one of the most popular plastic surgery operations.

Not only women, but also recently an accelerating rise in male nose job is discerned by the experts of the area. Young or old, people with breathing problems or those who want a better-shaped nose, male or female… In short, any person who is advised by their doctor accordingly can have nose surgery provided that they have passed the adolescence age and their nose does not grow anymore.

To be exact, you might ask, how old do you have to be to get a nose job? Well, the answer is approximately 14 for girls and 16 for boys.

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Recovery time

With the advanced technology and expert knowledge of our doctors, nose surgery is a very easy process and in total takes one day. The patients walk back to their homes the same day they were operated. Nose job recovery time is at most one week taken off from work or school. Depending also on the types of nose jobs, how long does a nose job will take to heal also varies slightly. However, the first month is when the most healing is seen and a full recovery gradually takes place.

After the nose surgery

The operation includes anesthesia and during the operation, you do not feel if the nose job hurts or not. After the operation, the small nose job scars disappear and heal quickly and they are not visible.

The advantages of getting your nose job at FlyHealth

Nose is a crucial organ and can cause serious medical problems if it does not function properly. One of these problems is breathing and doctors advise getting a nose operation to help breathing. Another problem is the frequent bacterial or viral inflammations and sinus issues. These can also be alleviated through nose surgery. Our doctors are experienced in the area of Rhinoplasty and they do nose surgery quite often.

Given the importance of a healthy nose shape, one should make a good research and find reliable institutions which provide medical expertise. We have many testimonials from the people who have taken our services to come to Turkey for a nose surgery. To make this process as smooth as possible, we rely on the expertise of our doctors and our experienced team to provide you with the best solution.

Bottom Line

In conclusion, Rhinoplasty is one of the most popular plastic surgery operations. It is of crucial importance for a healthy breathing, sinus problems and overall health of a person. Thus, you should seek the expertise of a reliable firm to find experienced doctors, with a proven record of successful Rhinoplastic operations, and positive testimonials by previous patients. Information regarding all these you can find on our website and social media channels. For a nose surgery through FlyHealth, do not hesitate to contact us through email or Whatsapp. We work hard to ensure that you get decent information from experts on nose surgery in Turkey and all the details of thereof.

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