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Good things to say about Rhinoplasty Istanbul

Rhinoplasty in Turkey is great

Istanbul is popular not only for amazing food, great heritage, but for rhinoplasty as well, and our patient has experience it all in a single trip.

His noje job journey started about six months ago when he started to search for rhinoplasty Turkey. He heard that there are excellent but cheap rhinoplasty surgery options in Turkey. Finally decided to look at his choices.

Looking for options to get rhinoplasty surgery

He came across a number of agencies that help people manage such trips. After that, he got in touch with a number of agencies and decided to work with FlyHealth after going through a number of reviews and pages.

FlyHealth was the best option

Everything from what happens during and after the surgery and what he will get to experience during his trip was available. There was no uncertainty.

He received the itinerary about a month before flying. When he came to Istanbul he had a great experience in Istanbul. A few things he did in the city included:

Enjoy The Amazing Dondurma Experience

Dondurma is the name for Turkish ice cream that is not only known for its unique texture and flavor but also how it is handed over. Check out some videos since it’s an experience you should see with your eyes.

Get to Experience Local Cuisines

He enjoyed kebabs, Ottoman dishes, and amazing local dishes Turkey has to offer. Anybody can buy them all around the world but you will never find the authentic taste anywhere else.


From gorgeous parks to stunning mosques to grand bazaars, Istanbul has a lot to offer to visitors, whether they’re coming for a nose job Istanbul or holiday.

A few things he liked about the trip included:

Great Communication

He was constantly in touch with the team over WhatsApp and email. So that there were no issues later on. Our patient praised the manager who answered all his questions to ensure great comfort during, before, and after the trip.


The team was punctual, from picking him at the airport to dropping him at his hotel, the team took care of everything.

Experienced and Friendly Staff

Staff can make or break your trip and the team at FlyHealth knows it. He was impressed thanks to the team’s professional and friendly behavior. Team ensured he had no difficulty during his trip.


He enjoyed a great stay at the hotel and the hospital. He was treated was also state of the art with all the required facilities, Staff was well trained and environment was hygenic.

The Doctor

This is the most important factor.  A bad doctor can ruin the entire experience, but he was left impressed as his doctor was experienced, skilled, and friendly.

Doctor gave support letters to show at the airport or workplace if he needed to extend holidays. All in all, he enjoyed the trip and only has good things to say about nose job turkey.

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