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Top 5 Dental Operations to Make Your Oral Health and Looks Better


The biggest wish of many people is to have painless dental operations that will make them feel and look good.

Currently Dentistry Istanbul is the most popular place to get oral treatments and cosmetic dental surgeries. You can get the below mentioned cosmetic dentistry and oral treatments at affordable prices with the help of FlyHealth, a one-stop solution provider in medical tourism.

Dental Implants

A trendy treatment for tooth loss, dental implants don’t require reducing other teeth. So you have the feel and look like your own teeth. They provided permanent solution as they are designed to fuse with bone.

Tooth bleaching

It is a simple process to eliminate discolorations caused by consumption of tea, coffee, cigarettes, and wine.

Dental Crowns

A crown, an artificial replacement for the top of the tooth, is used for the teeth requiring treatment due to decay or an accident. They are connected to the adjacent teeth or implants where the tooth once stood.

Tooth Bridges

Dental bridges are commonly used in replacing missing teeth. They may be better options than implants when the adjacent teeth have large fillings and need crowns or caps in the future. Besides in cases the teeth have been lost for long, the gum and bone would retreat and tooth bridges would be needed. Tooth bridges are connected to the teeth or implants surrounding the empty space.

Latest trends

Direct Hair Implant (DHI) and long hair FUE are the latest sought-after treatments in hair transplant because they do not require hair to be trimmed and the patients can go on their lives as if they do not get any operation. They do not have any scars, bruises but get extra hair implanted after the treatments.

Hollywood Smile

A popular treatment to improve the aesthetics of smile and overall appearance. It involves a total assessment of the mouth and smile. It is done mainly arranging the gum position and the position of the upper teeth with the lower lip, teeth size and colour, the regularity of the denture. The gum may be lengthened or shortened and tissue may be transferred.

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