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Trends in FUE Hair Transplantation

Before we start talking about why you would want a hair transplant, let’s talk about all the different techniques which are available in the market these days. We, at FlyHealth, are always searching for new and/or better techniques to make the result of our patients better. Let us start with the main technique, FUE.

What is FUE (Follicular Unit Extraction)?

FUE, an abbreviation of, is an advanced technique used by our surgeons. To explain it with all the difficult medical terms, FUE is a technique which ‘puts’ the hair bag (follicle) of the donor area, to the scalp. In this way the full hair stays intact, roots and all. It leaves invisible scars and it has a very short and comfortable healing process. Within FUE there are four sub-techniques which are used depending on what the surgeons think is best for their patient.

What is Neograft?

The first technique we are talking about is Neograft. Neograft is a development of the FUE technique to improve the speed and accuracy of the procedure. It uses a system, which uses a similar working style as with the motorized punch, but instead it has a suction mechanism. The transfer of the grafts is done with the machine and thus making it more accurate and faster.

What is Artas Technique?

The second sub-technique is Artas. It is a hair transplantation, which is done completely by the Artas system (machine). The Artas system is made to have an accurate, and a more precise dissection of the depth of the follicle extraction. When the follicles are extracted from the donor area, the surgeon then plants the follicle manually in the scalp of the patient.

What is Motorised Punch?

The second last sub-technique we will talk about is that of motorised punch. This technique is used in combination of a machine, which is comparable with the machine of a dentist. It has a high rotational speed to extract the grafts in a faster way. Within the motorized punch there are two types:

  • Powered Safe-scribe which is the most popular type till date and is the motorised version of the manual safe-scribe
  • Powered Cole Isolation Device which includes a touchscreen to give the surgeon a better extended control.

What is Manual Punch?

Last but not least the manual punch technique. This sub-technique is as the word says itself, completely manual in operation. There are no electronic machines involved with this technique, only the hand of the surgeon and CIT handle with a sharp tip punch. This technique is sometimes still the technique liked by most surgeons, as it doesn’t depend on a machine, which can overheat or just stop working. Although it is a slower process than the machine operated techniques, the result will remain the same.

Why a hair transplant?

Many men, but also women, are fighting with hair-loss. These days also young people are having hair-loss problems, which affect their self-esteem. The surgeons at FlyHealth take every patient as serious as any other. No matter how young or old you are, regardless of if you are men or a woman, if you are dark skinned or light skinned. Every patient has his or her own story and at FlyHealth we search the best solution per patient. The variety of techniques which have been discovered over the years have given us the opportunity to help everyone with any type of hair and the surgeons at FlyHealth are always searching for more and/or improved techniques to make the result and satisfaction of their patient even better.

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