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Tummy tuck operation in Turkey: should you do it?


One of our former clients, Melanie Man (38), gave an interview to Dutch media about her experience of tummy tuck surgery through our agency in Istanbul. At first, she had doubts: Whether it was safe to go abroad for a surgery? How would it look like afterwards? Her experience might be an example to those who have in their minds similar questions, fears or doubts.

Is it worth the effort?

Well, the answer to this question varies for each person. In the case of Melanie, there are several motivations to go under a tummy tuck surgery in Istanbul. She made the journey from The Netherlands to Turkey through our Leiden office and recently told about her experience. Cases like hers are very important before considering a surgery operation. She had a child and after a pregnancy period in which she gained weight, she felt that something was not quite right about her body. Although she trained hard, her belly did not return to the shape as it was before. Thus, she went for a tummy tuck surgery through our company.

Having an affordable surgery

The Netherlands in particular and Europe in general are not very affordable places for plastic surgery and a trip abroad might well be worth the hassle because the price is half of the European standards. Nearly 400 patients undergo plastic surgery in The Netherlands alone. At least 10% of this number uses non-European services. Not all the agencies in this industry provide a seamless, perfect surgery. This derives for the most part from the fact that Turkish currency has weakened a lot in recent years. That is to say, a similar operation for a similar person in Turkey is not necessarily cheap, however the purchasing power of euro against Turkish lira makes it cheap. Therefore, one should not necessarily think that Turkish plastic surgery industry offers cheap prices because of the cheap materials or other cost-cutting tactics.

Ask yourself how you feel about your body

At the bottom of the issue, the question melts down to personal preference and how people feel about their body. A woman with post-pregnancy symptoms might have many problems, ranging from deformed body shape to the consequent psychological effects. Happiness has a direct relationship with one’s body and how one feels about it. Especially in today’s world, what counts most is the images the people and the society have about their body. Social Media and other technologies have strengthened this situation. Melanie’s experience teaches us that at the end, the decision depends also on the relationship of trust between the client and the agency. Through our Leiden office, Melanie contacted us and our owner accompanied her, which, in turn, made her feel much more supported.

How does it work?

Because of the intricacies of having surgery abroad, agencies have arisen in recent years to make it easier for clients. Our agency, for example, provides a full package of surgery operation, accommodation, necessities throughout the stay of the client and full support during and after the operation. It is important that you select your agency by researching it on the internet. Sometimes even the website of the company and a simple Google search give a good idea. Look for online reviews. However, do not also hesitate to contact us with any questions you might have. We can provide you with one-to-one consultancy about our operations.

Our Staff

From the beginning of your stay abroad, you will be helped by one of our friendly and helpful staff. In order for you not to feel alone and unsupported, this person will speak your language. For perfect communication between you and the doctor and hospital staff, our client consultants will be always ready to respond to you. And this will continue in the post-operation period. Sometimes, even little details might affect the experience we get abroad. This is much more the case when you go abroad for medical purposes. A professional approach and perfect communication are a must. To ensure this, we make our best to be a wonderful mediator between you and the hospital.

Post-operation period

Our company provides great post-operation support as it is the period when your body gets accustomed to its new shape. For a smooth transition, you are hosted several days in the hospital and for the rest of the week, you receive regular checks by the doctor so that everything is under control. Throughout your stay, a person will be provided to you by our company and you can ask or demand anything through that person.

In a nutshell, the pros and cons depending on the perspective of the person. If you are like Melanie, or somehow desire something about your body, you can contact us to ask your questions. If you consider a tummy tuck operation, Turkey is definitely an option on the agenda with its affordable price and reliable services. Our company promises a smooth operation and an equally smooth and healthy transition period.

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