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We won WhatClinic patient service award 2020!

The best patient service of 2020!

We won WhatClinic patient service award 2020!We are very pleased to announce that we won the prestigious WhatClinic patient service award 2020. Our commitment to patient service is now objectively certified. To get this award, we worked hard to handle each enquiry fast and efficient. Besides, this award proves that we get good reviews, quickly call our patients, and clearly explain our processes.

Thank you for choosing us, your good reviews and recommending us. At FlyHealth, we value the safety and opinions of our patients and try our best to answer every question they might have. For us, it is of utmost importance that we check how our patients feel especially after the surgery. Our patients are consistently and quickly informed in the pre-operation, operation and post-operation processes. Our long-lasting relationships with our customers lead them to give us good reviews and recommend us.

This month is a special time for us, as we celebrate the opening of flights from UK to Turkey. Furthermore, there are no covid restrictions for our patients during their stay in Turkey. For this beautiful occasion, we decided to make a new campaign. We keep welcoming our patients with great price opportunities, a very small amount of deposit and a good service throughout the process. Our experience is also accompanied by the more than 20 years of our doctors’ and specialists’ experience.

Do not miss this opportunity. Contact us through our website, phone, or social media channels. Book your place now and take advantage of our campaign.

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