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If diet and exercise have not yielded the desired results, you may benefit from a weight loss surgery TurkeyIf you are not happy with your weight, it can be an emotionally draining journey and extremely challenging experience to have the confidence needed to enjoy life to the fullest. Being overweight and obese can bring physical problems as well as the emotional problems. Most people with weight issue spend years on diets and exercises that do not yield any results. Eventually, these unsuccessful attempts decrease the motivation of the patients. Today, there are various invasive and non-invasive methods to combat excess weight, including weight loss surgery Turkey.

Our weight loss hospitals in Turkey are nationally recognized for their specialized weight loss program, providing state-of-the-art approaches to treating obesity through surgical means. Each of these hospitals are designed with the latest technological equipment and comply with all international standards.

Weight loss centers in Turkey offer multidisciplinary team who are board-certified obesity surgeons specializing in advanced minimally invasive surgical methods as well as bariatric surgery. Weight loss surgeons possess the necessary components and expertise to deliver bariatric surgical care with the highest levels of efficiency, safety with excellent short and long-term results. Understanding that obesity is a complex, chronic condition, weight loss surgery experts of Turkey tailor custom-designed surgical treatment to each individual ensuring the most successful results for every patient.

Moreover, patients with chronic conditions related or unrelated to obesity have access to many respected specialists in diabetes, heart disease, digestive problems, and other disorders. Our experts in our weight loss clinic offers a comprehensive weight loss surgery Turkey treatment by handling all the co-morbidities in the treatment process.

The weight loss surgery Turkey is planned in detail from arriving at the airport until bidding farewell to our patients in the airport again. Patients can rest in their hotel after the surgery to have some time to recover before their flight back flight back home. Following weight loss surgery in Turkey, the utmost care will be taken in guaranteeing that each patient receives the highest level of follow-up care in a warm and compassionate environment.

The decision to undergo weight loss procedure is a life-changing experience, that’s why our specialists will be on your side every step of the way to help you usher in a new, healthy lifestyle.

Good candidates for weight loss surgery

Excess weight and obesity can be a problem for most people. Although different methods such as diet and exercise are tried, these methods might not always be successful. For people who remain obese after non-surgical approaches to weight loss – such as diet and exercise – prove ineffective or for those who have an obesity-related disease, bariatric surgery in Turkey can be a viable solution for achieving weight-loss goals and improving health. Bariatric surgery also known as the weight loss surgery Turkey will help the patients to lose weight. Before undergoing a weight loss surgery, you must determine whether you are a good candidate for weight loss surgery. To do that, you need to consult to a bariatric surgeon in Turkey.

One of the ways to find out if you are eligible for weight loss surgery is to determine your Body Mass Index (BMI).

A good candidate for bariatric surgery should have a BMI of over 35. On the other hand, patients with BMI of over 35 are considered as the ideal candidates. If patients have co-morbidities such as high blood sugar or high blood pressure, BMI 35 can also be considered as a bariatric surgery candidate. Bariatric surgery might be a good option for you if the following statements are true

If you have a BMI, of at least 40, or at least 35 plus an obesity-related disease such as diabetes or high blood pressure

You have attempted to lose weight though non-surgical means – like diet and exercise – and have not worked

You have realistic expectations of weight loss surgery and are committed to making the necessary changes for long term success

Types of weight loss surgery

There are various types of weight loss operations and what’s best for you depends on your goals, your health and the surgeon’s recommendation. The best weight loss surgery Turkey will be determined according to patients overall health status.

Gastric sleeve is a safe and effective weight loss surgery in Turkey designed for individuals who are extremely overweight or obese. During gastric sleeve procedure, 85 percent of the stomach is surgically removed creating a cylindrical or sleeve shaped stomach with reduced capacity. One of the important benefits of gastric sleeve is how it’s performed using a minimally invasive method called laparoscopic surgery.

This eliminates the need for large incisions or cutting of muscle. Laparoscopic surgery is safer and there’s significantly less post operative pain. Healing and recuperation occur in just a few days. However, the full-recovery might take longer than just a few days. During a gastric sleeve procedure, the outlet valve and stomach nerves remain intact and the stomach stays fully functional. Unlike other forms of surgery such as the Lap Band procedure, the sleeve gastrostomy is not reversible.

The new stomach continues to function normally, as there are no restrictions on the types of food that patients can consume after surgery. The sleeve gastrostomy surgery proved successful because patients feel satiated and less hungry with small portions of food. One of the main advantages of the sleeve gastrostomy is that the removal of the majority of the stomach reduced the production of the hormones that are responsible for stimulating hunger. The gastric sleeve surgery does not include rerouting or bypass of the intestinal tract, which evades complications such as intestinal obstruction, anemia, osteoporosis, vitamin deficiency and protein deficiency that can be seen with procedures such as gastric bypass. In contrast to other weight loss surgery Turkey such as the lap band, the gastric sleeve procedure is not adjustable and does not require postoperative visits for adjustments.

Benefits of gastric sleeve surgery:

  • The stomach is reduced in size, but still functioning normally
  • The part of the stomach that produces the hunger stimulating hormones is removed
  • The problem of dumping is avoided as the pylorus valve is retained
  • Evades other problems linked to bypass weight loss surgery
  • No need for vitamin, mineral and protein supplements
  • Appropriate option for patients with medical conditions that put them at high risk for other bariatric surgeries
  • Minimally invasive technique—laparoscopic—which minimizes pain and shorts post operative recovery

Cost of weight loss surgery in Istanbul Turkey

The average cost of weight loss surgery Turkey is influenced by a variety of factors. Cost of weight loss surgery can vary based on the location where the surgery is done; qualifications of the surgeon; and the surgical facility. The cost of weight loss surgery in Turkey is exceedingly affordable compared to the cost of treatment in Western Europe and the US. Patients traveling to Turkey for weight loss surgery are able to save up to 80 percent on their treatment. Also, the prices of weight loss surgery could be different depending on the expectations of each patient. The price of the surgery will also depend on the selected method.

Do You Want to Be Happy?

The psychological consequences of being overweight or obese include; decreased self-esteem, anxiety, depression; overeating, eating disorders such as bulimia and anorexia, and many more serious ailments. The reason for this is not difficult to grasp. Modern culture is unique in worshipping young slim and cool bodies. With rare exceptions, only slim, proportionate bodies are considered attractive. Obese or overweight people are despised. It is inevitable to develop obsessions with eating control when one feels down, depressed or anxious, or when modern culture makes it clear that one’s appearance is completely undesirable.

It is not necessary to be overweight to suffer psychologically about eating. Eating is enjoyable, and all kinds of people (fat and thin) use food as a standby source of emotional relief when they feel stressed. It’s not surprising that this type of stress-related eating leads to weight gain, which makes many people (especially women) feel even worse about themselves and motivates them to eat stress-based food, which in turn leads to weight gain. More than ever, stress-based comfort eating becomes a vicious cycle and a constant decline. For these reasons, weight loss surgery is a good solution. This surgery, which allows them to see themselves better in the mirror, affects not only their appearance but also psychology. Weight loss was surgery, it takes people away from this psychology and even some traumas.

Overweight people tend to have less energy than their normal-weight peers. Because being active requires more effort than their peers, they tend to lead low-activity lifestyles and stay sedentary. People who are less active have a greater risk of gaining weight, and the more weight people gain, the less likely they are to be active.

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