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Obesity is one the biggest health problems in the world. It causes many different diseases. Nowadays about half of deaths are caused by cardiovascular illnesses which occurred due to obesity. Despite so many different sport programs and diets many people cannot lose excess weight. Some metabolic illnesses prevent weight loss. Weight loss surgeries were something not common only 20 years ago. However now many people are having that kind of surgery and lose weight. Some weight loss surgeries like gastric sleeve surgery turkey are very helpful when you do not have any chronic illnesses like diabetes. But in case if you have metabolic illnesses gastric sleeve or old bypass method will not be helpful. You will gain weight again after a few years and your sugar level will increase again by the time. In that case with duodenal switch surgery you will achieve the best result.

Duodenal switch surgery is a decrease of the volume of the stomach and length of the small intestine. By decreasing small intestine length the amount of absorbed food is decreased. If the patient also has an active lifestyle he/she can lose %75 of all body mass during 5 years. In addition to weight loss patients will also stop struggling with diabetes, hypertony, dislipidemie and obstructive sleep apnea syndrome.

Cost of Duodenal Switch in Turkey

Cost of the surgery package can change mostly according to the hospital and hotel you choose to stay in. We need to mention that duodenal switch surgery is not an easy one. Only very highly qualified surgeons can perform it. As before any other gastric surgery you will have very detailed medical tests, which are also not cheap. These tests will show if you are suitable for surgery or not. Your treatemnt plan can also be changed according to the tests results. The price of duodenal switch surgery turkey is higher than any other gastric surgery, however it is much lower than if you would have it in Europe or USA.

Good Candidates for Duodenal Switch Surgery

This surgery is very effective for people with very high body mass index (BMI).  If you had weight loss surgery but you started gaining weight again you may be suitable for duodenal switch surgery. Especially patients who had gastric bypass in the past but now again gaining weight and their sugar level is rising need to have duodenal switch. After duodenal switch surgery you will not gain weight again!

Recovery after Duodenal Switch Surgery

After surgery you will need to follow up special diet program. You can return to your work 2 weeks after surgery. During that time you need to have rest and avoid hard physical activities. You can start certain activities 6-7 weeks after surgery, however it can change depending to your health condition.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I have any “easy” weight loss surgery like  a gastric balloon in case if I have high BMI and diabetes?

Gastric balloon will not be helpful for patients with high BMI and metabolic illnesses.  When we talk about very high BMI it means that the patient has some metabolic diseases. In that case even a gastric sleeve istanbul will not be enough to achieve your goal – a healthy weight and reduction of sugar level or decrease in blood pressure. You need the surgery which will not only decrease the amount of your stomach but will change your metabolic reactions. To have that kind of surgery at the right time means to raise your quality of life quality, save your health and prolong your life.

Is there any special diet which I need to follow before surgery?

No, there is no special diet needed to be followed before surgery. The diet will start after surgery. You will receive special diet program needed to be followed. Our dietologist will explain all the details of new eating habits you need to develop.

I do not think I have such a high BMI but why the doctor advised me to have Duodenal Switch surgery?

It is not always right to decide the type of surgery only by BMI level. Some conditions of your health may be the reason of doctor`s desicion like diabetes for example. The advice of surgery is always very personal.

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