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Weight loss can be very hard, especially if you have diabetes. If you eat a lot of sweets or the products which glycemic index is very high the gut hormones change and that leads to weight gain. Nowadays diabetes is one of the most highly spread diseases. Fast food, a very big amount of different sweets in the market, the habit of eating sweets every day resulted in a diabetes epidemic. In that case a standard gastric sleeve will not help as it will not change your hormones level. Transit bipartition is the best decision for weight loss and diabetes cure. You will both lose weight and forget about the diabetes.

This surgery can be explained as a gastric sleeve combined with the connection of the middle part of the small intestine to the stomach. The connection of the middle part of the small intestine to the stomach decreases the emission of the food. The normal food pass – a duodenum, – will be saved but only the one third of the food taken will pass through it. Another amount of food will pass through the small intestine which will be connected to the stomach. That is why patients do not have vitamin lack after transit bipartition.

Cost of Transit Bipartition in Turkey

The cost of the transit bipartition package can change depending on a few reasons like doctor’s qualification, hospital prices, the hotel you want to stay in. Not every doctor can perform transit bipartition surgery. This surgery as all the bariatric surgeries needs many years of experience and a good team. The hospital is also very important. You will need a lot of tests done before surgery. The patients, who have diabetes cannot have all the types of anesthesia. The wrong anesthesia may lead to coma. That is why the hospital’s bariatric surgery department must be very well equipped and the doctors and nurses must be well experienced.

Good Candidates for the surgery

In case if you have diabetes and your BMI is 30 and higher then you are a good candidate for transit bipartition surgery. If you are using insulin now you will forget about it after this wonderful treatment.

Frequently Asked Questions about Transit Bipartition Surgery

Most diabetes patients have a lack of iron and vitamin D. Do I need to use vitamins and minerals after this surgery? Will I have a vitamins lack more than it was before surgery?

No, you do not need to use them as there is no such problem like vitamin hunger as it is with some other gastric surgeries. You can use some vitamins and minerals but this is not absolutely necessary. The rate of patients who did not need vitamin supplements after this surgery is around %90-95. As the duodenum is saved and the digestion process goes the same way it was before it does not affect the absorption of vitamins and minerals.

Is there a risk of the sleeve leakage after surgery?

No, as after surgery you will have a low pressure inside the stomach.

Recovery from Transit Bipartition Surgery

You will need to follow the diet after surgery. Dietician will explain what you can eat during the first few months after surgery. In 3-5 weeks you will be able to start working and all other activities you used to do during normal daily life. The weight loss will be finished approximately in one or one and half years. You will need to check your blood level and eat good healthy food.

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