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What Makes Afro Hair Transplant Different?

Apart from aesthetics, going bald is the main reason why more and more people with Afro hair are considering a hair transplant. However, the surgical procedure can be more complicated for patients of African-Caribbean origin than for Caucasian or Asian ethnicities. This is mainly due to their curly shaped root and hair.

As unique hair styles continue to become more popular with time; it not common for people with Afro hair to choose FUE individual extraction method that works best for both men and women.

It is important for a hair transplant clinic to have prior experience and understanding of how to perform an accurate surgical procedure on patients with Afro hair.

Inadequate experience and lack of knowledge about the anatomy of the black hair follicle can negatively affect the success rate of a hair transplant.

Harvesting of curly and black hair from a donor site for hair transplants involves a slightly modified technique. In standard cases, the scalp hair grows straight but in people having Afro hair; both the follicles and hair have a degree of curvature in relation to the scalp which must be taken care of when harvesting donor hair.

How is the Procedure Different?

Some of the most common differences between a standard hair transplant and an Afro hair transplant are listed below.

  • Patients with Afro hair usually prefer less temporal recession
  • Patients may exhibit an unfavorable reaction to dissolvable sutures during strip surgery which can slow down the healing process.
  • Curly hair tends to curl under the skin also. Hence, the hair follicles usually require more space.
  • Only highly skilled and qualified professionals can perform a hair transplant on Afro hair.
  • If there is any mistake in choosing the right kind of tools and technology to clean and separate the follicles, many complications can arise
  • Afro hair transplant needs more staff, more effort and more time
  • Hypertrophic eruptions or keloid can take place which can be treated
  • Patients may experience hyperpigmentation at the recipient and donor sites
  • Folliculitis can occur a couple of months after the surgery. However, this can be treated with antibiotics

Should we Expect different Results?

In reality, Afro hair transplants are more rewarding for both men and women when done right. This is because black hair curliness gives off an impression of good hair density.

Although the hair transplant requires more expertise and time, the accomplished results are better than from an equivalent hair transplant involving straight hair.

It is strongly recommended that you trust in only professional and reputable hair transplant clinics to perform a successful treatment. FlyHealth takes great pride in delivering a safe treatment approach to guarantee a safe transplant with the best tools.

All procedures are administered by qualified physicians who will conduct a series of tests to determine whether you would face any complications post surgery. With a string of happy clients in the past, FlyHealth is committed to providing the best treatments to its patients.

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