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Why the colder months are the best times to get cosmetic surgery


Fall and winter seasons are recommended as the best times to have cosmetic surgeries. Cosmetic surgeons recommend chilly months to get beauty treatments for the following reasons:

Plenty of recovery time without taking annual leave from work

November and December are perfect months for many people to get cosmetic surgery during Thanksgiving, Christmas, Hanukkah, New Year’s, MLK Day and President’s Day without missing much from work.

Many beauty treatments are better to be performed during winter

Being away from strong direct sunlight helps effective recovery especially after facelifts, breast surgeries, rhinoplasty, and liposuction.

You are under cover

If there are any swelling and bruising after surgery, you can easily hide those wearing turtlenecks, scarves, hats, sweaters and scarves.

It is not annoying to stay inside

You can and have a relaxing time at home for recovery when the weather is chilly and cold outside. You won’t be missing roof-top and beach parties or outdoor activities. It is warm and fun to spend time watching movies and reading books under blankets when it is rainy or snowy outside.

You can have the treatment(s) ‘quiet’ly

By making a plan beforehand, you can take a holiday to cosmetic surgery Istanbul during Christmas or Thanksgiving and keep your treatment to yourself. You can distract the attention of inquisitive people by changing your hair colour on your return and have your recovery in peace.

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