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Why You Should Choose FlyHealth


FlyHealth is a medical tourism company that provides high-quality medical treatment with its best doctors in their field in İstanbul, Turkey. FlyHealth, with its mission, which ensures treatment service to patients from all over the world, is in cooperation with the health institutions to give you the best service with its multi-lingual and smiling team.

The company helps patients in a variety of treatments such as hair transplant, cosmetic surgery, dentistry, tummy tuck, weight loss surgery, BBL, nose job, boob job and non-surgical treatments. Our treatments, especially hair transplantation, aesthetic surgery, dentistry, weight loss surgery, are divided into different sections in their fields, such as eyebrows transplant or Hollywood smile.

If you want to change your appearance and looking for doctors you can trust, apply for FlyHealth’s program and contact us. And fill the form that you can find on our website page.

After determining your treatment, the company obtains the necessary information from you, and an appropriate treatment program is drawn up for you, together with the best surgeons. The prepared program, if you approve, is framed in detail to provide you with the best service. You will feel confident thanks to the experience of the medical team throughout the treatment process.

Our plastic surgeons, dentists, and hair transplant specialists will give you the look of your dreams with the studies and training they receive at home and abroad. Our medical team will inform you about the treatment before you get it and after the treatment. And after you turn back your home we will always be in contact throughout your recovery process.

From the blog section of our website, you can examine all the treatments we serve and benefit from determining the most appropriate treatment for yourself.

Your comfort, safety, and satisfaction is our primary goal. Therefore, from the moment your plane is landing İstanbul, the company’s personal  patient coordinator gives you  assistance, includes İstanbul trip, pick up at the airport, and accommodation. Our team will be ready to meet you at the airport to make you feel safe. We will also provide you with accommodation in quality hotels in Istanbul to make you feel as comfortable as at home.


Why You Should Choose FlyHealth
FlyHealth blog

Providing service in Istanbul, Flyhealth also arranges excellent sightseeing tours for you to get your fill of Istanbul’s culture and history. The attention and care we show to you, our service that we try to diversify to come into you without compromising our quality every day, is certified with WhatClinic patient service award 2020.

By visiting our website, you can access detailed information about the award, you can meet some of our successful doctors, learn about the costs of treatments, examine the hotels you will stay in during your treatment, and look at the travel route we have created for you.

By clicking on our before-after gallery, you can see the success of our doctors and witness the transformation of our patients. You can send us your questions from the chat section where we serve 7\24 or you can reach us from the number at the top of our site.

We guarantee that you will be pleased by choosing us to achieve the look of your dreams you will understand the quality of the service we provide for you and how much attention we pay to your satisfaction and comfort by examining our website.

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