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Would you Consider Having “Lunch Hour” Hair Transplant?

It’s 09:00 am. It is a typical working day. You punch in the clock—before you know it, it’s lunchtime. You go to lunch and come back with the prospect of a head full of hair.

You have experienced what is known of late as “lunch hour hair transplant.”

Hair transplant industry is drastically improving, progressing and—reducing surgery time in half.

A traditional FUE hair transplant procedure tends to take between six to ten hours, depending on the number of grafts extracted and the quality of the donor area.

The technique used in the Lunch Hour’ hair transplant procedure is known as Direct Hair Implantation technique.

This technique is used in conjunction with FUE hair transplant technique.

According to The Daily Mail, James Draper– (article writer) underwent the £7,000 procedure for the story– explains how the team at DHI Global Medical Group in London innovatively dispensed with the popular full-shaved head look that typically precedes hair restoration procedures.

Instead, they trim the hair into a fashionable ‘blend’ cut- dubbed as a ‘fade.’

For men looking to keep a low hair-transplant profile, this stylish concealment could make for a smart incognito hair transplant.

What is DHI?

Direct Hair Implantation is a relatively new hair transplant technique that involves the removal of hair follicles individually from a donor area at the back of the head, then transferring and replanting them in the area of thinning hair—most commonly evident in the hairline or crown area.

The procedure actually takes several hours; it’s relatively quick and painless—and does not require a general anesthetic and no surgery. There’s also no need for an overnight stay in the hospital.

Compared to more invasive hair transplant surgery methods, Direct Hair Implantation (DHI) uses modern methods and only removes and implants a single hair follicle at a time, therefore reduces the risks involved in the procedure.

The advanced hair transplantation device is designed to ensure each implantation is customized and standardized to fit the patient’s hair loss condition.

So you can be assured that your hair will be implanted in a manner that’s very low risk and will align with your natural hairline.

As with any hair transplant surgery, there’s still healing time required to allow the initial signs of surgery fade. These signs may appear in the form of scabbing of hair follicles, which the article writer had experienced around his hairline a few weeks after procedure.

Hair transplant Turkey clinics offer a wide range of hair restoration methods to treat hair loss, including Follicular unit extraction and DHI FUE.

FUE Turkey boasts a host of advantages over the strip/FUT hair transplant technique such that no visible scars are seen even after short hair.

FUE hair transplant produces natural look and well-defined hairlines on the head after restoration, leaving you with an attractive look.

Patients experience short healing time (in a few days) instead of months since no scalpel or stitches are used in the treatment.

Thanks to its sound record of success and patient satisfaction, most—if not all— hair transplant Turkey centers employ follicular unit extraction to achieve natural outcome.

To learn more about follicular unit extraction Turkey hair transplant technique, contact us today.

Image credit: The Daily Mail

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